HEAR THIS: Vybz Kartel “Sup’m Ago Happen”

One of the realest tunes to touch the road in a long while.

“Some question Di Teacha woulda ask…” Class is in session.

Kartel drops science on this one: “Yeah though I walk through the valley of death” … “Divide and rule.” The man’s lyrics paint pictures like a documentary. I just hope and pray that he—and the 15 busoads of entourage he’s supposedly bringing to Champions In Action tonight—will heed his own wise words. “Imagine Tivoli ah link Rema. Clansman dem ah link with One Order. Everybody ah build mansion and plaza.” Why not Gaza and Gully too? Remember the big DJ is a big man too. No bother lead your fans astray. Keep it on wax please genklemen. Free your mind and run the track…


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