DUNGLOAD: Elephant Man & Drake “Worst I Ever Had”

Elly & Black Chiney flip Drizzy Drake’s girls anthem in a different stylee.

The ladies are loving Drake’s tender summer banger “Best I Ever Had.” But now Elly’s taken the tune to a whole other place.

Remember how many female fans caught feelings over Drake’s booby-licious video (directed by Mr. 808s & Heartbreak, the sensitive lovelorn Kanye West)?

They were hurt because they thought it was a love song, a prom-night together-forever declaration of dedication. Well at least in Elly’s version any ambiguity as to whether the tune is about love or sex is totally obliterated. By the time he starts complaining “Your hole is real big” and then sings “Me cocky nearly drown,” we’ve entered the Scare Dem zone, never to return. Suffice it to say the Anaconda has been there and done that over the years. So for Elly to say somebody was the WORST f@ck he EVER had, well… that’s a big statement. Black Chiney on the remix. Hide the kids and run the track…



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  1. Dave Raimer says:

    Absolutely hilarious! The Drake verses should have been removed altogether so EM could ride the whole track!

    I suspect there will be a female reply coming soon,Lady Saw would be perfect lol

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