HEAR THIS: Bounty Killer “Ungrateful Hell Bwoy”

After Triumphing At Champions In Action, The Killer Lays Kartel To Rest

“Blessed is the man who walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly nor stand in the way of sinners, nor sit in the seat of the scornful.” Word to the wise: Once the Warlord starts quoting scripture on you, you’re in serious trouble.

In the wake of the Alliance’s decisive victory at last week’s highly anticipated Champions In Action stage show—during which Beenie and Kartel took the stage together and received a chorus of boos—Bounty Killer is savoring his victory with tune that puts the whole Gaza / Gully rift in perspective. Rather than just hurling insults, “Ungrateful Hell Bwoy” attacks Kartel strategically, focusing on the roots of the conflict. “Traitor” “Judas” and “Bag O Wire” are the epithets Bounty employs to highlight the fact that he first brought Vybz Kartel to the public’s attention. History can recall the night at Delano’s Revenge, many years ago, when another big DJ tried to chase young Kartel from the stage saying “tek weh yuself, big man ah work.” Bounty rushed to Kartel’s defense, saying “the Boys today are the men of tomorrow… And a my son this.” Funny how things turn around, isn’t it? Run the track…


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  1. miller says:

    how can any straight Jamaican listen to and condone kartell, if he stood in front of me I would dis-own him for being a teacher that just teaches the Jamaican public foolishness, do u know what we stand for and against, we the slaves that said NO so what the bumberc***t kartell feel like, we don’t like freaky batty boys that take coke and love chat bullshit how is it lyrical to talk about taking lil gal virginity and ah beg fi freaky gal tell me wha you ah do wid freaky gal unless ah batty and pu**y you ah suck hmm I know what kartell fans like then coz thats ALL he got to talk about and there’s nothing in that I want to hear.
    right now bounty have a song forget the clash song for 1 minute, LEAST LIL TING AND DEM READY TO POP IT OFF is more lyrical then anything kartell has done for 2 years much less anything else, i never heard kartell chat sense and be lyrical at the same time theres no POOR PEOLPLE FED UP tune from hell bwoy is there, name me ONE I challenge you.
    yet when only chatting the wrong thing and nastiness’ does he thrive and be lyrical which means he is not VERSITILE at all just immature, I cant have this man as one of the main celebrity faces of the Jamaican industry we can come from BOB MARLEY to this in 35 years people, you must want peter tosh to come back from the dead and spray some bullets of sense inna freakybwoy fans head to rah,
    capleton is my DJ but I will tell you kartell don’t reach nowhere near killer, I own over 300 released bounty killer songs argument done, kartell fans are all either under 21 or 30 year olds who can’t grow up, child like lyrics and word play thats why

  2. […] to happen to dancehall music,” Killer said of the artist who inspired his recent tune “Ungrateful Hell Bwoy” (a response to his former protege’s scathing “Bownty’s Killer”). […]

  3. […] to happen to dancehall music,” Killer said of the artist who inspired his recent tune “Ungrateful Hell Bwoy” (a response to his former protege’s scathing “Bownty’s Killer”). […]

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