HEAR THIS: Christopher Martin “Vibes Is Right”

The “other Chris Martin”… no longer just a Rising Star.

No he’s not married to Gwyneth Paltrow. This is not the Chris Martin of Coldplay. Nor is he the Christopher Martin from House Party and Kid N Play fame. But judging by his track record, the Jamaican crooner Christopher Martin is already much more than a Rising Star.

Back in 2005 Christopher Martin took the title on Digicel’s popular TV show Rising Stars, the closest thing to American Idol in Jamaica. Then, unlike so many other TV contest winners, he went on to score actual hit records in the real world like “My Jamaican Girl,” “Take My Wings,” and “I’ll Be Your Driver.” But with his latest release, “Vibes Is Right,” Martin takes his career to the next level with a bonafide Boomshot on Big Yard’s big bad Street Bullies riddim, built by veteran hitmaker Tony Kelly. “From the dance it niiiiice / Every gully every trench every strip just push up uno light… Although the budget just read / And tings get steep / We still nah accept defeat.” Run the track…


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  1. jullian says:

    Chris is happenin…. Dont Let him cheat… OR get caught…

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