WATCH THIS: Wayne Marshall “Good Love”

Wayne Marshall and Tami Chynn… the saga continues.

The real-life reggae power couple of Wayne Marshall & Tami Chynn have joined forces once more to shoot an extra-sexy video for Wayne’s smooth crossover jam “Good Love.” The clip, reminiscent of Royal Palm Estate, was shot at Kingston’s Terra Nova hotel. Jamaica love the soap opera ting… Tru tru tru. But who’s hotter, Tami or her dark-haired evil twin?

In case you’re just tuning in, the saga began three years ago with the video for Marshall’s tune “Arguin’.”

Then in part 2 our tempestuous couple got into more drama on the big duet “Why”… Doesn’t Wayne know never to fight with a woman when she’s holding a hot frying pan? Anyway, this video ended with yet another cliff-hanger.

“To this day when I go on the road fans always ask me when me and Tami going do the continuation of ‘Arguing’ and ‘Why,'” Marshall said after wrapping his latest video. “This is not part 3 but it will definitely give them something to talk about in the meantime. We got some great shots and the acting was on-point. The thing was getting too predictable so we had to step it up a notch as usual, Jamaica love them ‘soap-opera vibe’, so we giving them that again.”

Oh well, guess we’ll have to wait in suspense just a little longer. Likkle more.

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  1. Vixxen says:

    I love “Good Love”! What a sweet/saucy song and a great video.

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