WATCH THIS: Major Lazer feat Andy Milonakis “Zumbie”

Parental discretion advised. It nah go pretty.

Major Lazer “Zumbie” ft. Andy Milonakis

Andy Milonakis is the sickest dancehall artist in the world… Don’t believe me? Watch this video. What started as a harmless YouTube hobby…

…has now been taken to the next level by the mad genius tag team of Diplo & Switch as part of their Major Lazer master plan for world domination. Unencumbered by Jamaican cultural norms, Andy’s free to let his Zumbie freak flag fly. The tune was ill enough on its own. But hey, what’s the point of recording ragga zombie records with pudgy melanin-deficient TV stars if you can’t shoot nauseating videos to go with them? On the real though, I hear big Jamaican producers are now hitting Andy with one bag ah riddims. Could this be the start of something big? Be afraid.

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  1. jamrocker says:

    MADDD boom boom boom big up andy fi the bloodclat tunes he ah plaayyy!!!!!!!!

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