VIDEO CLASH: Sean Kingston meets Marcia Griffiths

Sean Kingston’s new “Fire Burning” video vs. Marcia & Cutty’s ’92 lick.

RedOne on the track. Gil Green on the video. Models galore. Plus a posse of scooter-riders. “What a gwan?!” Kingston-born platinum hitmaker Sean Kingston reps his native Jamaica by any means necessary. But how does his new single “Fire Burn” stack up to the good old Jamaican dancehall cut of the same name? Granted he was only like four years old when it came out, but Marcus Garvey did tell we seh, “A people without a knowledge of their history is like a tree without roots.” And on that note, let’s take it back to the roots for a minute…

Penthouse crew (Kelly brothers) on the track. Marcia & Cutty flinging down reality. Homemade YouTube video… The choice is yours.

All who say it’s not too late for Marcia to shoot a proper video, hand inna the air!

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  1. FX says:

    Bob Andy’s “Fire Burning” will last 1000 years longer than Sean Kingstons. Just my opinion. But Cutty said it best….” the people dem a fool, dem half idiot”

  2. Yeah i think marcia/cutty/bob took this one 🙂

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