My God! Twin of Twins Locked Up

Dancehall provocateurs now being held in Half Way Tree jail cell.

Twin of Twins live at Reggae Sumfest. Photograph by Stella Magloire.

At 2pm this past Tuesday afternoon, the mercilessly hilarious, always controversial dancehall artist/satirist/ghettologist duo known as Twin of Twins were arrested on Half Way Tree Road in Kingston JA. According to a swiftly published article in the Jamaica Star, police are claiming “reasonable evidence of fraud” in a dispute over the conversion of approximately US$600. But since the arrest coincides with the release of the Twins’ latest CD, Trial And Crosses, Volume 8 of their wildly popular, fearlessly uncensored Stir It Up series,

it has been suggested that Curly Lox and Tu-Lox may have been set up—particularly since their detention and questioning has dragged on for two days and counting. Whosoever might have set up them up is anybody’s guess since they have manged to wrankle so many of the powers that be within Jamaican government and society as well as the music industry.

In this YouTube clip, the notorious “Ras Whitey” can be heard calling Jamaica’s Constabulary Communication Network to get the scoop on the artists’ arrest—and also to inquire about the still-unsolved murder of Curly Lox’s six-year-old son, Zion, who was beaten to death in February of 2007, and whose killer is still at large while his grieving father and uncle sit in a jail cell.

Twins’ managment also issued the following statement:

As many of you know, The Twin of Twins were arrested yesterday in HWT. We believe that this arrest was the direct result of the popularity of the new CD Stir it Up Volume 8, and this misuse of Justice is an attempt to undermine the credibility of the Twin of Twins. The Twin of Twins have never feared exposing the corruption and dirt that occurs within the Jamaican music industry. Before its release The Twins had threats from unknown parties that they would suffer “severe consequences” if the CD saw the “light of day.” Many artistes, and some industry executives with political power were deeply offended by the CD, and without mentioning names threats were directed at the Twins. The facts are the Twins released the new CD, and within one week, they were arrested on unsubstantiated and trumped up charges. Attached is a YouTube link and audio recording of the real life “Ras Whitey” to the rescue—calling out the Jamaican Police in a phone conversation recorded earlier today exposing the police and the injustice and double standard in Jamaica. The press was tipped off before the arrest, and actually reported it before the official statement was made. This is an actual recording as the names of the officers can be verified.

* * *

At times like this, the words of the Stepping Razor (an occasional guest of the Jamaican Police himself) come to mind: “It’s not all that glitters is gold. And half the story has never been told.”

Here’s a classic Claymation video featuring the Twins doing what they do…

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  1. FX says:

    Wow, the arrest of politically active voices, being held for days without charges, illicit and secret tips to the press from members of the force, the ignoring of real crimes and spending money on “witch” hunts. is this happening in Jamaica or Iran. Wait until the Twins build a tune for this.

  2. admin says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself FX. What kinda ting dat?

  3. kidvybes says:

    …it’s amazing to me that in a country where the mass of population are well informed, literate individuals that this type of police/government intimidation/harassment continues…these youths bring light to controversial issues and inject intelligent humor to make their point…they are not criminals…the Twins are creative, smart, social and political satirists…their ability to shed light through humor should be revered, not prosecuted…why is it that each time Jamaica shows promise of evolving beyond these tactics, they seem to slide back to a time best left in the past…I only hope that someday the Twins get the support they deserve for their educating and enlightening humor…Bless them for their efforts…

  4. JermatiQ says:

    Free up the twinz

  5. admin says:

    Update: Thanks to massive public outcry and international show of support, they are now free.

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