Just Kickin’ It At Irie Jam’s Celebrity Soccer Match

Artiste All-Stars defeated in a shoot out… Ajamu shoots all the action.

Don’t watch the pretty smile—when it comes to football, Spice is not rampin’.

It just wouldn’t be summer without the Irie Jam Celebrity Soccer Match, one of the coolest places to meet and greet your favorite reggae stars in a relaxed setting. One week ago today the 10th Anniversary showdown went down in Roy Wilikins Park in Queens, co-sponsored by the late great Asylum Nightclub. As you’ll see after the jump, an irie time was had by all (and the ladies in the crowd were stylin’ extra hard). We woulda posted these shots for you sooner but these biting blogs out here got us watermarking each and every one of Ajamu’s priceless images.

All photographs by the man called Marlon “Ajamu” Myrie.

The Energy God is also the king of eyebrow design.

Munga Honorable spreads love: the Gangsta Ras is for the youths.

Bugle exercises every day and he’s still not fit… At least he’s got the bling now.

General Degree mean muggin’ like somebody just tried to kick his “Pianist.”

Hey! It’s the Diva Nikki Z and O’Neil Edwards from Voicemail.

Lexxus suits up in a fresh football jersey, but wait: “uno better can kick.”

I-Octane takes a break from Stabbin’ Vampires to play some ball.

Spragga’s skills are no joke… but can he still hit headers with the turban?

What’s bugging this Elly fan? She’s like: “You’re sposta to sign the ball, not crush it.”

Sing out Spice!

And now for the real stars of the day… the ladies in the crowd.

5 Responses

  1. jamrocker says:

    nice gals

  2. Pedro says:

    Looking at these photographs…well, not since Macca B’s “Pam Pam Cameroon” have I felt so gratified by the irie footie experience!!

  3. dmgm says:

    why di hell dis girl at d last pic lef har yaad wid out a bra??? is attention she want so ? wid di whole a har breast out

  4. serian says:

    @ the last picture girl in the purple oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are ladies now a days so desparate to catch the eys of a man that they will go out almost top less? my girl you shouldnt even bother wearing ablouse then WTF

  5. lisa says:

    i think the girl in the purple in the last picture is worthless how can u be going out with you breast showing….she just mek woman look bad!!!!!!!!

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