HEAR THIS: Raine Seville “Slippery When Wet”

This Raine is coming harder. The whole place soon wet up.

What time is it? Time to make it Raine.

Lorraine Seville earned her degree from Kingston’s UTech with honors, and progressed to a nice, secure job in marketing. But what she really wanted to do was sing…o she entered Digicel Rising Stars… but didn’t made it past the top 100. Then one day in 2007 she was singing in her van by Commercial Plaza and caught Serani’s ear… Now if Daseca was Murder Inc., Raine Seville would be Ashanti. Except Raine’s a better singer, bringing that icy Britney/Madonna cool to one of Leftside’s slicker pieces of digipop. Like Biggie said, honey got that whip appeal. Run the track…


Raine’s working on the “Slippery” video now… The whole place soon wet up.

3 Responses

  1. dubshotta says:

    Whip appeal for sure…and if Daseca co-sign, let it rain.

  2. shandika says:

    i love your song drive me crazy an u was lookin good i have it home on my flex video i love it

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