HEAR THIS: Junior Gong & Nas “Afrobeat” (snippet)

Sneak peek at the latest collabo between Bob’s Son and God’s Son.

GONG: As we enter, come mek we take it pon the biggest adventure.

NAS: Must be dementia that you ever thought you could touch our credentials… what’s the initials?

QB, Jamrock the lyrical official. Send out the order, laws and the rituals.

Burn candles, say prayers, paint murals. It is truthfully big news. We hood heroes.

From Oz to anchor…??? We comes to conquer. Man a bad man we no play Willy Wonka.

And I got the guns.

I got the ganja.

And we can blaze it up on your block if you wanna. Or haze it up, stashbox in the Hummer. Or you can run up and get done up.

Or get something that you want none of. Unlimited amount you collect from us. Direct from us. Street intellectuals.

And I’m shrewd about decimals. And my man’ll speak patois and I can speak rap star. Y’all feel me, even if it’s in Swahili… Abadi ghani???

A true true Na Na, switch up the language and move to Ghana.

Salute and honor. Real revolution rhymers.

Riddim piranhas.

Like two Obamas. Unfold the dramas…

As might be expected, Damian and Nasir are dropping jewels. This Distant Relatives album could be a serious problem. As the Bawse put it, it’s Deeper Than Rap. Better go lock down those Rock the Bells tickets today. Or better yet book a flight to Sumfest. Not much left to say except: Run the track…


Rock the Bells Artists on NAS & Damian Marley

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  1. hannes says:

    Gosh, cant wait for the album release!

  2. TheRealShebaBaby says:

    Pretty sure that’s a Mulatu sample…even better that the song is called afrobeat; Fela would have been crazy predicatable…basically mi cyaaaaaaan wait, really this combo is a phreakin eargasm for me…www.myspace.com/lionofsheba

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