HEAR THIS: Ragga Hustle-Nomics 101

Busy, Kartel, and Mavado put forward a dancehall stimulus package.

Even when the Alliance and the Empire can’t seem to get along, there’s at least one thing they can all agree on: Cash Rules. As we struggle with a global recession, it only makes sense to pree their proposals. Run the tracks…

Busy Signal “Money Tree”

Busy thinks big, calling for “a Brinks fulla money right now to sort out me business ah morning….” in order to facilitate spending on education, affordable food franchises, and transportation infrastructure (i.e. “Busy Boulevard”).


Vybz Kartel “Dollar Sign”

Di Teacha emphasizes steadfast determination and focus to bring us out of the recession, echoing Snoop Dogg’s “Gin & Juice” initiative: “any time you see me at any given time, mind pon me money and me money pon me mind.”


Mavado “Money”

The Gully God sounds a cautionary note, managing expectations, and evoking Lauryn Hill’s “funny how many change a situation” argument. “Money give you a lot of fake friends but careful of them caw them will kill you fi yuh things.”


Bare tings indeed… All right gentlemen, in light of these recommendations, perhaps it’s time to ease offa the war thing and start making this money.

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