HEAR THIS: Cherine Anderson “Talk If Yuh Talking”

Some singers have a voice; Cherine Anderson has a cannon. And pity the fool who ends up in her crosshairs. Like the poor sap who inspired her new tune, “Talk If Yuh Talking.” My condolences, dude.

Cherine’s got a new nine-track EP called The Introduction Dubstyle, but she really should need no introduction. That was her singing with Chuck Fenda on the sultry duet “Coming Over Tonight.” She’s put in mad work with Sly & Robbie, toured the world with Michael Franti & Spearhead, and appeared on official remixes with the likes of Madonna, Britney Spears, Wyclef Jean, and some guy named Sir Paul McCartney. But don’t mistake her for some pop-style Ja-Fakin’ reggae tourist. Baby girl was raised on tuff street, in the Rockfort section of Kingston City, and earned every bit of success the hard way. In 1999 she appeared in the cult classic film Dancehall Queen and later starred opposite Kymani Marley in One Love. But forget all that, and listen to how she tears up this Sly & Robbie riddim. She is opening up a can of whup-ass on this dude, and hitting him where it hurts, right in the wallet. “Does she touch you like I do? Kiss you like I do? In bed does she scream your name?” Run the track…


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  1. Energyrock says:

    The song is tuff, the track is tuff, the girl is tuff

  2. First off, Dancehall Queen is one of my fav flicks. (yardies foreva, mon)
    Second, the girl’s got a voice that haunts. I know that’s a tad cliche, but it fits.
    Third, the pop top chain mail is spoiled by the bra straps. But I guess it would chafe without the extra layer.

    Great tune.

  3. Iriepen says:

    BIG tune, wicked artist…..Cherine is a great singer, songwriter, performer…u name it she”s got it.

  4. Nekita Thompson says:

    Excellent voice. Cherine you thing is set. Great foundation unlike most of the artist in our society.

  5. Michelle Francis says:

    I love her I love her I love her. Cherine Anderson is the biz. I saw a full pic of that photo on her myspace and loved it. I thought she was wearing the top of sardine cans at first but realized her shirt was made of pop tops. She is so dope her fashion is so sick.

    This song is a HIT. It’s all about the ladies on this one

  6. Nesta Jameson says:

    The best of the new crop of female dancehall/reggae artist. Undeniable Talent beauty and intellect. This tune is a hit and the video is just as good.

    Can you post the video please???

  7. silver sweet says:

    pa pam this is large bless up send on it gone sell off

  8. fista lembeka says:

    that girl is beautiful and her voice is also wonderful. I love her

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