HEAR THIS: Mykal Roze & Shabba “Quick Fi Shoot”

“The youth dem nowadays take killing fi game”

John John’s Target riddim hits the bulls eye… two legends on one cut.

It was obvious that the Target riddim was gonna be a problem once the first six tunes dropped: Kartel “Bank Inna Me Pocket,” Sizzla “Crying Children,” Capleton “Trust,” plus “Rapid,” one of the wickedest Elephant tunes in a minute, and Buju’s “Yard N Abroad.” But now John John brings in Mr. Waterhouse (what you know bout Black Uhuru?) alongside the Big Dutty Stinkin One to talk some sense to these reckless youths running around boosting up the murder rate. “Move outta them way before them murder me,” Shabba states, but nuttin no go so— especially once these young’ns get familiar with the DJ godfather. Run the track…


5 Responses

  1. Blaze says:

    This track is wicked!

  2. Patricia Bowen says:

    Nice tune i will be blazing this up every youth fe hear and take in this tune. Thanks Mykal and Shabba this is a no 1 hit song more and more youth are dying over stupidness time dem put down the gun and take up a book or football

  3. This tune is right on time! Boom!

  4. Don Vito says:

    the tune seeeell oooooooff !! shaaaaabba ova di top

  5. Andrew Schoeman says:

    wicked combination- been a long time since i’ve heard Shabba, and then to hear him with the Rose, what a blessing to me ear dem– MORE FYAH

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