NOW HEAR THIS: Jovi Rockwell “Tonight”

Remember when Rockwell sang “I always feel like somebody’s watching me”? Well I’ve had my eye on Jovi Rockwell for a minute now. Last year’s weed banger “Rizzla” had heads fiendin’, but I was even more impressed by “You’re Gonna Need Me,” a duet with Mr. Vegas in which the 22-year-old Jamaican-born “Rebel Love Goddess” sang with so much sweetness and grit that she upstaged the veteran hit-maker on his own track. Major labels came calling and now Ms. Rockwell’s in the lab with all sorts of big-time producers. Hope they don’t mess this one up, cause baby girl has potential fe real. Don’t sleep, Jovi’s got the skills to make a run for Rihanna’s spot in a heartbeat. Here’s her latest, an unabashedly poppy tune about a secret love affair. “Anytime yuh ready hit me up on the celly…” You get the idea. Run the track…


In case you’re playing catch-up, here’s the clip for “Rizzla.” Hot tune but I’m not really feeling the MIA-esque styling. Jovi can give us much more than that. And whoever wrote the treatment about dancing with Elmo and Darth Vader was twisting too many Rizlas at the time.

And here she is giving Mr. Vegas a run on “You’re Gonna Need Me.” Somewhat better styling in this video… and she sure does rock well.

4 Responses

  1. Mario says:

    HOT!!!! really love it i thinks this is a HIT!!

  2. AngieRo says:

    FRESH. riri, who? she’s adorable. music needs someone like her right now. and yeah, the MIA styling’s gotta go. too obvious anyway. once she gets that together, it’s a go.

  3. nerd says:

    This Girl is sooo pretty the MIA styling for her cant work!!! and this song is hot the label better get behind this!!!

  4. rudeboy says:

    she is good but well not make it i bet because them niggas she with uprise music dont know what the hell thay doing and epice not going to give her a real push look at tami chynn and i can name a few more

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