Damian Marley and Nas on Rap Radar

Junior Gong and Gods’ Son in the lab working on their album, Distant Relatives.

“Most guys who listen to hip-hop [and] don’t listen to dancehall or reggae, they don’t know what they’re missing,” Nas tells B.Dot. “If you listen to any of Damian’s albums, he’s going in. So, with this album, it’s really dope like that ’cause dude is bringing it. It’s for real.”

“I think he’d be very proud,” Damian Marley said of his late father. “I think Nas would be one of the artists he would be a fan of in terms of what Nas stands for in his lyrics and what he has communicated to the fans over the years when it comes to Africa and African philosophy.”


NAS Interview

JR. GONG Reasoning

Shout to YN for showing reggae some love at last.

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