Ninja Charge Fi Murder

Things were already looking bad for Ninjaman last week, then over the weekend came even worse news that the man born Desmond Ballentine had been arrested in the fatal shooting of 20-year-old Ricardo Johnson, aka “Ricky Trooper” (not the former Killamanjaro selector).  The Don Gorgon now faces charges of murder, conspiracy to murder, and illegal possession of a firearm. But how can the man get a fair trial with album covers like this floating around on google?

So is this a case of life imitating art or art imitating life? You puzzle it out.


Meanwhile, police are still searching for two other men in connection with the shooting. The two wanted men probably won’t turn out to be Snow and Junior Reid, but their 1995 tune with Ninja now seems strangely appropriate, if not prophetic:

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