Fiya Burn: Sizzla’s House “Destroyed”

According to yesterday’s Jamaica Star, Sizzla’s house in Kingston has been “destroyed” by fire. The blaze reportedly broke out Sunday morning. The cause of the fire is not yet known.

Sizzla’s grandfather was reportedly in the house and suffered minor burns, and one firefighter was also injured, but no other injuries were reported. Damage was estimated at $25 million Jamaican, or just over a quarter of a million U.S. dollars. The house and its contents are valued at $60 million Jamaica, and were reportedly insured. Sizzla could not be reached for comment, and the official Judgment Yard website offered no statement on the incident at press time.

An unconfirmed post on an internet message board stated that the singer lost “4 quad bikes, a benz, a boat, the house, studio..everything…wow! besides the material possessions…imagine the loss of music, masters, likely plenty of cash layin around from dub money, etc…what a major loss, a serious ting!”

By all appearances, Sunday was not “just one of those days”… No, it sounds much worse. But give thanks that no life was lost. Has anybody else noticed that it’s been a week of word, sound, and power in Jamaica? First Ninja gets charged with murder, now Sizzla’s residence gets fire burn… Pray for them.


In other news, Sizzla’s latest album, titled Ghetto Youth-Ology, featuring live tracks by the legendary Fire House Crew, will be released April 21 on Greensleeves Records. Keep it locked on for an exclusive preview.

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