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World Clash Arrives In Canada As “The Superbowl Of Sound Systems”

World Clash Arrives In Canada As "The Superbowl Of Sound Systems"

Rumble Series Winners Get Their Shot At The World Title

Irish & Chin shook the world when they announced the move of their preeminent sound clash brand, World Clash, to Canada. In an even bigger surprise, fans are now faced with a whole new formula for this famed 19-year-old event, which will see World Clash held on the winner’s home turf each year, instead of in New York. This long awaited event arrives in Toronto, Canada this weekend—Saturday, October 14,  home of defending champion King Turbo. Each staging of the preliminary Rumble Series in United States, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom and Germany have decided which hungry contenders  will take the World Clash stage to face off against King Turbo. With anticipation building throughout the year clash fans will converge to see Platinum Kids, King Attarney, Fujiyama, Platinum Cartel, and Northern Lights, in what has been dubbed “the super bowl of sound clash.” In typical Irish and Chin fashion they’ve upped the ante with the wild card entrant Poison Dart from Antigua, as the Caribbean representative adding to more excitement. A Rumble Series was not staged for the Caribbean, so this shocker has sparked a frenzy amongst clash fans! Story Continues After The Jump…

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Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise to Host First Ever Soundclash on the Sea

Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise to Host First Ever Soundclash on the Sea

Mighty Crown vs Metro Media vs Bass Odyssey—Some Selector Get Chuck Overboard

From the moment Jr. Gong first announced the Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise, the concept was clearly a game-changer. Bringing an outernational audience of reggae lovers on board a luxury liner with a stellar lineup of reggae and dancehall talent made last year’s maiden voyage such a success that this year the cruise will set off from Miami to Jamaica and back not once but twice. As crucial as the main deck stage shows were, a huge part of the cruise’s unique vibes were the spontaneous sound system freestyle sessions. And this year the sound systems will play an even bigger role. Stone Love Movement and Jammy’$ Super Power will return again—Papa Jammy promises to bring a few surprise guests along this year. Shinehead will return as well, having made a powerful impression with Kingston 12 sound. The UK champion sound Saxon Studio will be making its first appearance on the cruise along with fast-chat DJ legend Papa Levi of “Mi God Mi King” fame. But perhaps the most exciting announcement is that this year’s cruise will include the first-ever Soundclash on the Sea. Which sounds will have to walk the plank? Details After The Jump… Read more »

Interview: Reasoning With Rodigan Part 3

Sir RamJam’s Royal Recognition, His Radio Clash With Barry G, And His Fears For Reggae’s Future

David Rodigan‘s trophy case must be getting mighty crowded. This year alone the veteran UK selector and radio personality has won the World Clash, received Member of the British Empire honors at Buckingham Palace,  and earlier this month he bagged the Sony Radio Academy Gold Award for Best Specialist Music Programme in recognition of his recent BBC Radio 2 reggae series. But even as his accolades accumulate, Rodigan wastes no time resting on his laurels. He is fully booked through next year with gigs all around the world. And he seems genuinely concerned about the future of the music he loves—as he explains in the third and final installment of our “Reasoning With Rodigan” series… In the first of our exclusive interviews, Rodigan spoke about how he has been able to reach the dub step generation, and paid respects to the late, great King Stitt. In part 2, the rude boy gentleman recounted his “baptism by fire” at King Tubbys, revealed how his background in theater helped him as a reggae DJ, and explained why he never talks patois on the air. [In case you somehow missed REASONING WITH RODIGAN PART 1 or REASONING WITH RODIGAN PART 2, fret not thyself.] In our third and final installment, Rodigan details the roots of his legendary radio clash with Barry G, talks about receiving MBE honors from Prince Charles earlier this year, and voices his concerns that reggae music has lost its way. OK let’s get to it. Read more »

David Rodigan Receives Royal Honor

Reggae Radio Legend To Join “Most Excellent Order Of British Empire”

Congratulations to David Rodigan, the legendary UK radio personality who will receive a royal order of chivalry, becoming a member of the “Most Excellent Order of the British Empire” for his contributions to broadcasting. Rodigan has represented all forms of reggae music on British airwaves and beyond for over 30 years—from programs on BBC Radio and on KISS FM to countless sound clashes all over the world. No word yet whether Mr. Ram Jam will receive his honor personally from the Queen, but he’s sure to think of her next time he dips in the box and draws for this one. Dub it with your majesty… Ya know? Read more »

WATCH THIS: The Bug “Poison Dart”

Hey kids! Howzabout some postapocalyptic toxic dancehall?

Kinda late to this one but I can’t front, it’s the wickedest video I’ve seen in a long while. Read more »