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INTERVIEW: Rayvon Still Going Strong, Getting That Cheddar

The Ladies Love Sugar RayRay

Just last night in New York City Shaggy and Rayvon performed at the RockHouse Foundation benefit to raise funds for the education of Jamaica’s youth. They’ve been doing their thing since the late Eighties in good ol’ Brooklyn, where Rayvon and Shaggy  first linked as the ultimate dancehall duo, dropping hit after hit after hit along with the rest of the ‘Ruff Entry Crew.’ For decades since, Shaggy & Rayvon have been instrumental in showcasing dancehall across the globe. From their early hits, including the classic “Big Up“—which as far as we can tell was the first tune to popularize that universally recognized slang term—to the smooted-out jam  ‘In The Summertime‘ to the history-making international chart topper ‘Angel,’ these two have a natural chemistry. But Rayvon is also a solo star in his own right who shows no signs of slowing down.  Why should he?  We caught up with Rayvon recently and spoke about how he’s been stepping out on his own. From managing his very own production company, to touring and recording, Rayvon is focused and poised for even more success. After all, to whom much is given, much is required—don’t it? Interview after the jump. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Rayvon “Selecta”

As Shaggy Launches His Ranch Entertainment Label, Rayvon’s Shooting A Video For This Tune Tonight

Remember Rayvon? Of course you do. He’s the ackee to Shaggy’s saltfish, the smooth crooner heard alongside Shagsman on certified Boomshots like “Big Up” and the #1 Pop smash “Angel.” Rayvon’s got a bad new solo tune on the Kingston 13 Riddim, released by Shaggy’s record label Ranch Entertainment. Audio after the jump. Read more »