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PREMIERE: Ricky Blaze Presents The “Boom Riddim”

PREMIERE: Ricky Blaze Presents The "Boom Riddim"

Featuring Mr. Easy, Mr. Lexx, Cecile, and Majah Hype as “Mitzy”

Everything about Ricky Blaze’s brand-new Boom Riddim, which Boomshots proudly premieres today, screams classic dancehall. Just take a look at the artwork. If you don’t know why the yellow coloring is lighter at the corners of the square then you don’t know much about true dancehall culture. When you carry mad disco 12-inches inside your crate, and spend years flipping through them in the heat of the dance, sometimes the corners will get a little bit worn. As a matter of fact, that worn look is actually a badge of respect. Just as long as the disc inside stays nice and crispy, you’re good. Speaking of which, let’s get to the music itself, which is reminiscent of the late 80s early 90s that used to rock BK’s Biltmore Ballroom, fresh from yard. Ricky Blaze cooked up this particular digital riddim in his East Flatbish basement studio—the same humble soundlab that birthed timeless sounds like Gyptian’s “Hold Yuh,” Kartel’s “Touch a Button Nuh” and Ding Dong’s “Badman Forward”—and he knew just the right artists to voice for this particular mood and feel. So he reached out to veterans like Mr. Easy “Like Sunday Morning” himself as well as Mr. Lexx aka Lexxus and dancehall’s original Bad Gyal, Cecile. There’s also a next bad gyal in the juggling—she goes by the name of Mitzy. You’re just going to have to listen with your own ears to see what she’s dealing with.  No more long talking, time to let Mr. Blaze Blaze it up.   Audio After The Jump…

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Easter Bun Playlist

Easter Bun Playlist

A Multi-Genre Playlist With Songs About Infidelity

Easter represents a religious holiday with many associated traditions such as Easter eggs, baskets and bonnets. In the Caribbean, “Bun and Cheese” usually consist of one slice of a sharp, cheddar cheese encased between two slices of sweet, fruit bread. Besides a delicious holiday pastry, “Bun and Cheese” is an analogy for a love triangle and the term “Bun” itself  connotes cheating. There are a plethora of songs that describe various aspects of “Bun,” such as the physical attraction, excitement, lust, spontaneity, the heartache, the mental anguish, the retaliation and the irreversibility. This is a dancehall, reggae and rhythm and blues playlist of 11 songs that address the aforementioned phenomena. Playlist After The Jump

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HEAR THIS: Ricky Blaze ft. Mr. Easy & Dean Fraser “Dance”

HEAR THIS: Ricky Blaze ft. Mr. Easy & Dean Fraser "Dance"

What A Way The Tune Rest Pon Mi Mind!

Sometimes you hear a song that you just want to share with others. That’s all this is. I stumbled across “Dance,” taken from Ricky Blaze’s latest album, Conquer The Moment, and all that’s been on my mind since hearing it for the first time is that I have to share it. (Patois translation: “What a way the tune rest pon mi mind!”) I’ve been on a texting, and Facebook messaging and Tweeting frenzy over the past couple days to every possible member of my reggae family, trying to make sure this song doesn’t slip through the cracks. Brooklyn-based producer Ricky Blaze has been one of the more creative and consistent talents in the modern reggae and dancehall scene (need we mention Gyptian’s “Hold Yuh”?) and this song perfectly captures his knack for cultivating a unique reggae sound with the aid of influences from a multitude of other genres. The song “Dance” features BK veteran Mr. Easy and saxophone master Dean Fraser. The song doesn’t try too hard. It’s easy, it’s breezy, it’s light, yet it’s sophisticated. If joy could be captured in sonic form, I think that sound would be this song. My only task is to make sure the Boomshots crew, receives that message. Riddim up! Audio After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Mr. Easy “Bashment Gal” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Mr. Easy "Bashment Gal" Official Music Video

Classic Dancehall Throwback Co-Starring Tanto Blacks aka Reel Rich

Anytime Mr. Easy and Ricky Blaze link up, they always bring out the best in each other. In the first video from Easy’s  forthcoming EP, The Don, director Jay Will takes us back to the dancehall days of yesteryear. From Mr. Easy’s furry Kangol bucket hat to Tanto Blacks’ mesh marina, this is strictly a throwback vibes. But as the song makes clear, this tune is all about the girls. No long talking, let’s get into it. Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Mr. Easy “The Don”

HEAR THIS: Mr. Easy "The Don"

Big Bad Musical Selection Straight Outta Ricky Blaze Basement

Mr Easy has always been that dude who was “Easy like Sunday morning” but beneath the surface he’s killing shit. This is a guy who won back-to-back episodese of “Showtime at the Apollo” singing “On The Wings of Love” inna dancehall style. This is a dude who grew up in Trelawney knowing a young Biggie Smalls, and went to the church where Biggie’s uncle was a pastor! And of course his BK dancehall credentials are impeccable—not to mention his work for Dave and Tony Kelly. But recently he’s been getting busy in Ricky Blaze’s basement studio, cutting tracks like this. No wonder the gal dem a call him “don.”  Audio After The Jump…

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Mr. Easy Pon Radio Lily

Crucial Dancehall Singer Nices Up Strictly Boomshots

Last week on the Strictly Boomshots show we were blessed by the presence of a true veteran in the dancehall business. Talking about the man called Mr. Easy aka Easy like Sunday morning. You know his tunes like “She Drives Me Crazy” on the big bad Buyout riddim. And you heard his latest release, the summer banger “Fly Away” Ft. Beenie Man right here on Boomshots. But did you know that he used to kick it with Christopher Wallace back in Jamaica before he grew up to become Biggie Smalls? Or that he won Showtime at the Apollo? Or that he was featured on a Big Daddy Kane album? Half the story has never been told.
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HEAR THIS: Mr. Easy Feat. Beenie Man “Fly Away”

Easy And Beenie Confess Their Lovemr.easy

Mr. Easy and Beenie Man link on a track dedicated to the one that holds their hearts. Easy and Beenie trade verses confessing their love for their significant other, Easy’s harmonic voice glides over the Code 91 produced riddim while Beenie hits us with his signature lyrical prowess. Love is a beautiful thing – Tune After The Jump… 

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WATCH THIS: Mr. Easy & Spragga Benz “Nuh Response Fi Dat” Video

A Backyard Dance Turns Into A Matey Sabotage Saga

It’s been a minute since we heard from Mr. Easy, the ultra-cool singer who used to mash up Saturday night dances in Brooklyn by strolling onstage singing “Easy like Sunday morning.” Easy went on to give us hits like “Funny Man” and “She Drives Me Crazy” and now he’s back with two cuts on the hard-hitting Speak Out riddim—”Badmind Prayer” and a crazy collabo with Spragga Benz called “Nuh Response Fi Dat.” They’ve just dropped the video, which is full of hot girls carrying on at a backyard dance. Before long the jerk chicken, dominoes, and dancing turns into one bag of drama. We’re not exactly sure what all the excitement is about—something to do with who has “the Ziploc punash.” Take in the visuals and let us know your thoughts in the comments. Video after the jump.
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