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HEAR THIS: Mavado ft. Vybz Kartel, Future & Ace Hood “I Ain’t Going Back Broke” Remix

HEAR THIS: Mavado ft. Vybz Kartel, Future & Ace Hood "I Ain't Going Back Broke" Remix

Unity Is Strength, And Love & Hate Can Never Be Friends

During his 10 years in the music business David Constantine Brooks aka Singing Blacks aka Mavado has come a long way. Several years back his name was linked to the Gully vs. Gaza war but times have changed. Now a member of DJ Khaled’s We The Best Music Group, the Gully Gad recently dropped an historic remix featuring his former rival, Vybz Kartel, who is currently serving a life sentence for murder (with an appeal pending). “After a storm,” Mavado explains to Reshma B, “There must be a calm.” Audio After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Mavado ft. Future & Ace Hood “I Ain’t Going Back Broke”

HEAR THIS: Mavado ft. Future & Ace Hood "I Ain't Going Back Broke"

Real Talk From The Gully Gad

The timing of Mavado’s latest “We The Best” banger is truly uncanny. Just days after the news broke that somebody posted a petition on the White House website demanding that he be deported to Jamaica, the dancehall superstar drops a song called “I Ain’t Going Back Broke.” Although Mavado (who has a valid U.S. visa and work permit and now lives with his American wife and kids in the U.S.A.) has since clarified that the whole thing is an attempt to sabotage his career by a bitter ex-associate, the song still seems like a response to this latest pitfall set in his path. The song, which features We The Best labelmate Ace Hood as well as Future, seems to refer to Mavado contemplating the possibility of being deported to Jamaica. But Boomshots can confirm that this song was in the works long before the whole petition controversy flared up. Regardless of that fact you can feel the passion in this tune. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Tarrus Riley ft. Zagga “Free Up” Official Music Video PREMIERE

WATCH THIS: Tarrus Riley ft. Zagga "Free Up" Official Music Video PREMIERE

Singy Singy and Zagga Got No Time For Bad Vibes

Chimney Records’ Happy Hour riddim had a strong start out the box with Mavado setting the pace on “Nah Use Them” (aka “Mama son lock down”.) Now here comes another hit off the juggling—this time it’s Tarrus Riley and Zagga joining forces to banish all badmindedless as they remind youth and youth to “Free up!” All the action in the video, produced by Zojak Distribution, unfolds at a video-game arade rather than some old “up in the club” cliche, with random oversized cartoon characters lending a playful vibe to the proceedings. Like the DJ says, “We don’t give trouble we give thanks.” Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Mavado “My Own” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Mavado "My Own" Official Music Video

“Cars A My Own, House A My Own”

The visuals for the Gully Gad’s tune “My Own”—off ZJ Liquid’s big bad Good Book riddim—dropped this weekend. The latest video from We The Best Films features Mavado and Dj Khaled poppin’ bottles of Ricky Rozay’s Belaire bubbly, while flossing beside what might just be Mavado’s own Lamborghini. There’s also a brief clip showing Mavado and Vybz Kartel sharing a laugh together during their famous meeting with the Prime Minister of Jamaica to call a truce in the Gully vs. Gaza feud. The use of this clip is particularly intriguing since it was recently reported that Mavado visited his one-time friend turned musical rival in prison. Even before the verdict in Kartel’s trial was handed down, Mavado told Boomshots his fans should “Pray for Addi.” Since then there’s even been rumors that the two might release a collaboration—but that’s another story for another day. Right now just check the visuals and reflect on how far a youth from Cassava Piece has elevated himself. Video After The Jump…

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Reasoning with DJ Khaled: “I’d Love to Make a Record with Bounty Killer and Mavado”

Reasoning with DJ Khaled: "I'd Love to Make a Record with Bounty Killer and Mavado"

Live From We The Best Studios in Miami, Khaled Talks Mavado, Killer, and Rinses Some Dubs

You already know that all DJ Khaled does is win, win, win no matter what, but did you know the founder and CEO of We The Best Music, who has produced some of the biggest anthems in the history of hip-hop, has deep roots in the dancehall soundclash game. Long before he got down with Terror Squad or YMCMB or became president of Def Jam South, the Miami-based hitmaker was cutting dubplates and flying down to Jamaica to compete in clashes like Fully Loaded. Boomshots made the link with Khaled from those days so you dun know our interview is gonna be different than all the rest. Reshma B went deep with Khaled, discussing his work with Mavado, his deep roots with Bounty Killer, and how he’s navigating the friction between the Gully Gad and the Warlord. Khaled even dips into his dubplate collection to brandish some exclusive tunes for the Boomshots massive. Videos After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: LL Cool J ft. Mavado “The Hustler” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: LL Cool J ft. Mavado "The Hustler" Official Music Video

The G.OA.T And The Gully Gad Link For Di Hustlas Dem

LL drops the visual to his long awaited single “The Hustler” off the highly anticipated “The G.O.A.T. 2.” An unlikely pairing, LL pegs Mavado to lend his distinct vocals to the gritty track. Not to be out done by his younger counterparts, LL reminds us why he’s known as “The Greatest Of All Time.” Video After The Jump…
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HEAR THIS: Mavado “Nuh Trust Friend”

HEAR THIS: Mavado "Nuh Trust Friend"

DJ Frass New “Gwaan Bad” Riddim A Murda, But This Gully Gad Tune Is So Special

“Cut dem off yuh fi cut dem off,” sings Mavado on this brand-new selection off DJ Frass’s crazy new juggling, the Gwaan Bad riddim—reminiscent of certain classic Dave Kelly beats from the 90s. The riddim features new songs from Buju Banton (!), Vybz Kartel, Lady Saw, Elephant Man, and nuff more artists. All of dem bad, but this new Gully Gad selection is extra special. Sounds like singa has a lot on his mind right about now. “From badmind can’t stop yuh, yuh special too.” Audio After The Jump… Read more »

Reasoning with Popcaan: “Anybody Who Says Dancehall Dead, Them is a Living Dead”

Reasoning with Popcaan: "Anybody Who Says Dancehall Dead, Them is a Living Dead"

The Unruly Boss Kicks It With Complex About His New Album, “Where We Come From”

Popcaan’s debut album is a powerful piece of work that might just bridge that gap between his local audience and his newfound international fans. “WWCF” presents a whole different side of the artist formerly known as “The Raving King.” In his first major interview for the record, Popcaan chats with Reshma B about balancing his local audience and his international fans, why he linked with his former rival Mavado, going to a go-go club with Pusha T, and shares his thoughts on the Vybz Kartel verdict. Here comes the Unruly Boss, straight up—or as he would put it, “Tr8.” Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Flexx Calls For Truce Between Bounty Killa And Mavado

HEAR THIS: Flexx Calls For Truce Between Bounty Killa And Mavado

Former Alliance member Flexx wants peace for Dancehall giants Mavado and Bounty Killa

There is trouble on the Gullyside as Jamaican artists Bounty Killa and Mavado—a former members of the Alliance—have launched into a lyrical battle over a range of past differences. Mavado’s longtime bredren Flexx went on to leave Alliance and signed to Hapilos 21, while Mavado has been spending time in America after signing to DJ Khaled’s record label We The Best. Bounty Killa has released several diss tracks striking out against Mavado—the latest of which, “Kill and Destroy” on the red-hot “Good Book” riddim, is a direct reponse to Mavado’s track on the same riddim—and despite reports that the Gully God has put the lyrical battle behind him, the We The Best artist continues to release music that sounds like it subliminally targets the Alliance team. Bounty Killa was booed off stage in Jamaica for speaking negative words about Mavado and members of his Gully Squad crew  and now Mavado’s new track “Do Wah Yuh Waan ” is rumored to be a direct launch at The Five Star General Bounty Killer.  Dancehall has a long history of clash and rivalry, but nobody wants to see things get out of hand. To prevent a never-ending battle that could lead to someone getting hurt, Flexx has broken the silence and spoken out against the rivalry.  Audio after the Jump  

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WATCH THIS: Behind The Scenes Mavado Feat. Jadakiss “Just Like Magic” Video Shoot

WATCH THIS: Behind The Scenes Mavado Feat. Jadakiss "Just Like Magic" Video Shoot

A Sneak Peak Of Mavado And Kiss’ Latest Single “Just Like Magic” 

Musical Masquerade TV gives us a behind the scenes look at Mavado featuring Jadakiss’ upcoming video for the single “Just Like Magic.” Filmed at Miami’s G5 club both Mavado and Jada are vying for the attention of this particular dancer. Guess we’ll have to wait for the official video to see who ends up taking her home. Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Mavado “Nah Do A Ting” PREMIERE

HEAR THIS: Mavado "Nah Do A Ting" PREMIERE

Gully Gaad Links With DJ Frass To Get Something Off His Chest

Mavado has a deal with DJ Khaled but he’s still going hard on the dancehall circuit, dropping hot verses on all the latest juggling riddims out of Jamaica. Today we’re proud to premiere a new one-off tune he recorded with DJ Frass. It seems like Mavado has something to get off his chest. There’s no telling who he’s addressing on this tune, but let’s hope the healing power of music helps him cool off and stay focused. Nobody wants to see Mavado get vexAudio After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Popcaan ft. Mavado “Everything Nice” (Remix)

HEAR THIS: Popcaan ft. Mavado "Everything Nice" (Remix)

Hot Skull + Gully Gaad = Total Niceness

A couple weeks back we brought you the video for “Everything Nice,” the lead single off Popcaan’s debut album Where I Come From due this Summer on Mixpak Records. Among the friends popping up in Papi’s video was Mavado, who passed through the shoot with his We The Best labelmate Ace Hood. Well it seems Mavado liked the song so much he jumped on the remix. Gully Gaad and Papi have worked together previously, on “Lighters Up” with Snoop Lion, which was produced by Dre Skull, the founder of Mixpak, so this remix was meant to be. Just one listen and you’ll agree. Audio After The Jump…

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