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HEAR THIS: Horace Andy “Straight to Hell” PREMIERE

HEAR THIS: Horace Andy "Straight to Hell" PREMIERE

Studio One Legend Sings The Clash Classic

Joe Strummer’s flat, affect-less vocals on “Straight to Hell” from The Clash’s  1982 album “Combat Rock” lend a chilling air to the song’s ice cold message, which is now timelier than ever in the Trump administration prepares executive orders, travel bans, mass deportations. and wall building. “Straight to Hell” has long been considered one of the band’s best loved songs, providing raw material for future creations like M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes” and Kanye West’s “Swagger Like Us.” Andy himself is a bonafide Studio One legend who’s also worked with the likes of Massive Attack. Strummer first collaborated with him in 1999, writing the militant title track for Andy’s “Living in the Flood” album. The Studio One legend had already attempted a reggae version of “Straight to Hell” but wasn’t happy with the recording. But when he linked with Milwaukee musician Eric Blowtorch, who’s worked with many reggae artists and knew Strummer, they made this brand new roots reggae recording of “Straight to Hell,” which will be released via 12-inch single on Fe True Records March 16th and via digital download on April 14th. Andy’s voacal is backed with a dub side plus Big Youth’s deejay version, “Asylum Seekers.” These type of hardcore reality tunes are all too timely in the current political climate—and do remember 10 per cent of proceeds goes to Doctors Without Borders. Turn up to full watts. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Red Fox & Screechy Dan “Skylarking”

HEAR THIS: Red Fox & Screechy Dan "Skylarking"

Ruff Entry Crew Revisits A Horace Andy Classic

To skylark is to flitter about aimlessly, making no progressive movements and then begging somebody five cents to eat a food. Although the real-life birds may be very hard-working, their reputation for fuckery has inspired some nice reggae tunes. The metaphor was first employed by Horace “Sleepy” Andy, who cut classic versions of the tune for Studio One and Wackie’s, among others. Encouraging the youths to “earn your bread honestly” lest they “end up—up up in jail.” Some messages just never get old. Fast forward to 2015 and the great Screechy Dan and his lyrical sparring partner Red Fox have revamped the tune with Sting International on the production. You already know this one is a certified Boomshot. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

Supreme Collaborates with Wackie’s

Supreme Collaborates with Wackie's

Downtown NYC Fashionistas Big Up The Bronx’s Original Reggae Label

Supreme Clothing is the ultimate in downtown NY hipter chic. In the past they’ve collaborated with the likes of BAPE and Clarks to keep you laced in the freshest gear on the streets. Supreme has announced an exciting new collabo with Wackies, the legendary Bronx Reggae label. As their announcement puts it: “Founded in the 1970s by Lloyd “BullWackie” Barnes on White Plains Road in the Bronx, Wackie’s is considered by many to be the first significant Reggae studio and label in the United States. As a Kingston youth, Lloyd Barnes was entranced by the sound systems of Duke Reid and Coxsone Dodd. In 1967 he left Jamaica and came via England to New York, where he created his own sound system called Bullwackie’s Disco and would play at dances all around New York City.”  The collection features T-shirts, snapbacks and tank tops in multiple color festooned with images of Sugar Minott, Horace Andy, and of course the famous Wackies lion. They’re now for sale online and in-store so get em while they last! Click on the cap above to see the full collection and the tunes that inspired it…