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Better Mus’ Come Will Open In US Theatres

The Award-winning Feature Film Finally Make Its Way Statesidebmc


It has been such a long journey for the award-winning feature film Better Mus’ Come. The gritty period piece is set within the politically charged turf wars of 1970s, when Kingston, Jamaica is set to open in US theaters on Friday, March 15, 2013. Boomshots has been following this film closely  even managed to grab a few words with the film’s director Storm Saulter. We are very excited about this new as you should be to, Be Sure To Check Out The Trailer And Bonus Clips Along With Showtimes And Locations After The Jump… Read more »

Better Mus’ Come Secures North American Distribution

The New Caribbean Cinema Movement Scores A Major Breakthrough Thanks to AAFFRM
With the slogan of, “Together, We Are Strong,” the AAFRM (The African-American Film Festival Releasing Movement) is all about bringing the vision of independent filmmakers to the world. To add on to their much success, AaFFRM has announced their new label, ARRAY. The label will be a multi-platform distribution for black independent films. The award winning, Storm Saulter directed film, Better Mus’ Comewill be the first film distributed by this company. “We’re proud that his gem will launch ARRAY,”says AaFFRM Founder, Ava DuVernay. “Storm’s work on Better Mus’ Come as director, writer and cinematographer is wildly impressive, incredibly important and deserves to be seen by as many film lovers as possible. AFFRM’s new label ARRAY is build to serve the tremendous burst of black cinematic talent across the globe, filmmakers who are embracing new technologies to tell their stories by any means necessary.  The goal is to expand the brand cultivated over our first four theatrical releases by reaching new audiences via both digital and traditional platforms.” And if you haven’t seen it yet, you need to check out the trailer for Better Mus Come. Video After The Jump… Read more »

“Ring Di Alarm” Screening In NYC

New Caribbean Cinema Storms into New York Like Sandy

After premiering last September at the British Film Institute, Ring Di Alarm will have its NYC premiere this weekend as part of the Flatbush Film Festival. A compilation of seven short films by seven different filmmakers that director Storm Saulter has called “a true experiment in guerilla film making,” Ring Di Alarm is the latest production of the New Caribbean Cinema movement that also brought us the critically acclaimed period piece Better Mus Come. You don’t want to miss this one. Movie Trailer and Screening Details After The Jump…

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Interview: Reasoning With Storm Saulter

The Director of Better Mus Come Talks New Caribbean Cinema

After apprenticing with Lil X and attending film school in Los Angeles, Storm Saulter returned to Jamaica to jump-start a movement that he calls “New Caribbean Cinema.” His first feature length film, Better Mus Come, is a gritty period piece is set within the politically charged turf wars of 1970s, when Kingston, Jamaica was on the front lines of the Cold War and poor ghetto dwellers were manipulated like pawns on a much larger chess board. The film tells the story of a young father who must choose between turning his back on the gangster life and making a better life for his five-year old son. It’s also a story of forbidden love that entices a boy and a girl to tempt fate and cross over the borderlines that crisscross the streets of Kingston. Loosely based on real events, the film courageously breaks an unwritten code of silence about depicting controversial events like the Green Bay Massacre—a landmark event in Jamaica’s political history during which government forces ambushed and shot to death a group of gunmen aligned with the opposition political party. This do not go unnoticed by the powers that be in Jamaica, who closely monitored the production and even sent spies to the set.

But all the drama was well worth it. After a successful run in Jamaica, Better Mus Come went on to win the Audience Award for Best Feature Film at both the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival and the Bahamas International Film Festivals. It’s been screened at the Toronto international film festival, L.A.’s Pan-African film festival and at Lincoln Center in New York. Tomorrow Better Mus Come will be seen for the first time in the UK at the British Film Institute. (The following day BFI will host the world premiere of Ring Di Alarm, a compilation of seven short films that Storm calls “a true experiment in guerilla film making in the Caribbean.”) Reshma B caught up with Storm to talk about his first film and how the movement is coming along. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Tarrus Riley “Shaka Zulu Pickney”

“Me Nah Go Bleach,” says Singy Singy “Me Say Me Nah Dilute It”

“Ancestors no leave me,” Tarrus Riley pleads in this rootical new selection that premiered just in time for Black History Month. As fate would have it, the video premiered in Jamaica the same day that the respected New York radio DJ Chris Dubb Master of IRie Jam decided to ban Vybz Kartel’s music for the month of February. In comes something completely different. Read more »