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Healthy Heart Playlist: Popcaan, Jesse Royal, Gaza Slim and More!

Healthy Heart Playlist: Popcaan, Jesse Royal, Gaza Slim and More!

The Lyrics We Listen To Affect The Beat of Our Hearts

The music of the body is the heart beat. A healthy heart depends on good nutrition and exercise. However, in terms of overall homeostasis, emotional and spiritual factors also affect the heart. If one is scared, the sympathetic nervous system reacts in a “flight or fight” reaction to increase cardiac output by increasing the heart rate. Research shows that prayer and meditation can synchronize the vital signs (breathing rate, heart rate, blood pressure and temperature) of the body. Based on these observations, one can hypothesize that the music we listen to affects the heart rate. Even more so than the loudness of the bassline, the lyrics evoke feelings and thoughts. This is a positive playlist of songs that refer to God and Love for a peaceful mediation.

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HEAR THIS: Barry Brown “Make It With You” and “Sister Magling”

Rock & Groove To Two Channel One Classics From The Crucial Right Now Album
The Jamaican roots reggae vocalist Barry Brown is best know for his clasic “Far East” but before his untimely death he left a rich legacy of music to keep his name alive itinually. Case in point: the little-known Right Now album, an overlooked treasure that was recently reissued by Greensleeves. This Jah Screw production was record, voiced, and mixed at Channel One studios with killer riddims laid down by Roots Radics and the We The People band. These sounds are so nice we had to give it to you twice. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

Giving Thanks & Praises Itinually

It’s Not About Turkey & Gravy, Seen? Rasta Attitude Is Gratitude…


As the one Rebel Tony put it: “Ungrateful worser than Obeah. Nuff ungratefulites bout yah… Pretend as if them no memba, gwan like them have amnesia.” Don’t let it happen to you. Here’s 21 ways to remember. Run tune! Audio After the Jump… Read more »