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“Nothing Can Harm Me” Remembering Countryman

"Nothing Can Harm Me" Remembering Countryman

A Man Who Represented Rastafari In Real Life

After battling cancer for years, the death of Edwin “Countryman” Lothan hit his friends and fans very hard. Though he passed away September 18th, obituaries are just starting to appear in the international press for this simple Rasta fisherman who appeared in a feature story in Rolling Stone magazine in 1973, a living symbol of Rastafari at a time when few Americans had even heard of reggae music. Nine years later he starred in the film Countryman, produced by Island Records founder Chris Blackwell. He lived a simple life according to strict principles of Rastafari. All the obituaries mention these facts, but this is what I remember, the Countryman I knew. Essay After The Jump… Read more »

The Journey of Jah Bouks

The Journey of Jah Bouks
When Something Is Meant To Be… It Will Be
Humble, determined, talented and focused, that’s Jah Bouks. I smile as I think about the journey the singer has been on. A journey which began since he was a mere twelve years old. Before he was even conceived, his father had already decided, after watching a karate flick, that he liked the name of the character, Suzuki.He vowed that when he had a son, he would be called Bouki. Determined to make a difference in the world through music, Jah Bouks, with the never-ending support of his mom, who is also his manager, never strayed from his chosen path. There were many challenges and disappointments along the way, but through it all, Jah Bouks never gave in. He pursued his career doggedly. He never stopped writing, recording and performing, as he knew that his time would eventually come. Journey Continues After The Jump… Read more »

INTERVIEW: Up Close With Kehv

Find Out Why They Call Him “The Prince Of Reggae Soul”

Kehv is a soulful reggae artist who’s been doing his thing for quite some time now—almost a decade to be exact. You may not know his name yet but pay attention: Kehv has international appeal and fans across the globe. We’re going to give you a little taste of what Kehv is all about musically right here, the rest is just a matter of time. The genre needs more music like Kehv’s right yah now. Bring back the real rub-a-dub style! Check it… Interview After The Jump Read more »

INTERVIEW: Tanya Stephens, Forever Vocal

We Can Always Depend on Tanya to Tell It Like It Is
When it comes to the reggae/dancehall genre, the competition is fierce—and mostly dominated by males. There is no shortage of female artists however, holding their own and showing their prowess. Many come and go, while a select few have earned their veteran stripes. Dancehall divas like Tanya Stephens. Known for not pulling punches or holding her tongue, Tanya’s fans can always count on her to tell it like it is. Straight!
I caught up with Tanya recently for a brief one on one conversation. As usual, she kept it extra-real. Seet yah! Interview After The Jump Read more »

INTERVIEW: Rayvon Still Going Strong, Getting That Cheddar

The Ladies Love Sugar RayRay

Just last night in New York City Shaggy and Rayvon performed at the RockHouse Foundation benefit to raise funds for the education of Jamaica’s youth. They’ve been doing their thing since the late Eighties in good ol’ Brooklyn, where Rayvon and Shaggy  first linked as the ultimate dancehall duo, dropping hit after hit after hit along with the rest of the ‘Ruff Entry Crew.’ For decades since, Shaggy & Rayvon have been instrumental in showcasing dancehall across the globe. From their early hits, including the classic “Big Up“—which as far as we can tell was the first tune to popularize that universally recognized slang term—to the smooted-out jam  ‘In The Summertime‘ to the history-making international chart topper ‘Angel,’ these two have a natural chemistry. But Rayvon is also a solo star in his own right who shows no signs of slowing down.  Why should he?  We caught up with Rayvon recently and spoke about how he’s been stepping out on his own. From managing his very own production company, to touring and recording, Rayvon is focused and poised for even more success. After all, to whom much is given, much is required—don’t it? Interview after the jump. Read more »

INTERVIEW: Real McKoy Speaks On His “Bigger Brother” Busy Signal

Up-and-coming Trainline Records Producer Is The Man Behind The Bing Riddim

We all appreciate good music. No doubt we’re familiar with the artists, but rarely do we get up close and personal with the individuals behind the scenes—the producers and engineers sweating to bring us the music we crave. I had an opportunity recently to catch up with a brilliant young producer and artist by the name of Gilmore Walters, more popularly known as Real McKoy. We spoke about his record label/studio Trainline Records, his latest productions, as well as his friendship with Busy Signal. Interview After The Jump.

INTERVIEW: Diana King Speaks on Putting Out Her Own Album and Coming Out as Gay

KingSinga Nuh Fraid Fe Talk; In This Muma Shilo Exclusive, She Puts All Her Business Outta Door 

With unparalleled vocal power and passion, diverse style, edgy lyrics, exotic beauty, and a sharp, opinionated mind, Diana King is quite simply a star. Known to her fans as ‘KINGSINGA,’ she’s responsible for chart topping hits like “Shy Guy” from the soundtrack of the movie Bad Boys, “Say a Little Prayer” from the soundtrack to My Best Friends Wedding, “Spanish Town Blues” from Anniversary, Sly & Robbie’s Grammy-nominated album. She also co-wrote and was featured on “Treat Her Like a Lady” from Celine Dion’s Let’s Talk About Love album. She’s even flipped a fierce dancehall style on “Respect” from The Notorious B.I.G’s debut album Ready to Die. After selling more than 5 million copies of her debut album Tougher Than Love, King went on to establish her own ThinkLikeAGirl imprint, which will release her album AgirLnaMeKINGwhich maintains her unique style of blending reggae with R&B, soul, dance and straight-up pop. As a woman in the reggae business, she’s no stranger to adversity. But she developed a resiliency that helped her when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a few years ago. After a long bout with depression she rejected the drugs that her doctors prescribed, tried natural remedies, and literally willed herself to walk again. More recently she made headlines around the world when she decided to proclaim her sexual identity as a lesbian—breaking a major taboo in Jamaican cutlure. As you can see from our exclusive interview, Diana has always believed in staying true to herself, both as an artist and as a person. Read more »

WATCH THIS: KC Jockey “Girl You’re Free” Video

KC Jockey Defends the Fairer Sex

It’s estimated that one in every three women worldwide experiences violence, with rates reaching as high as 70 percent in some countries. From rape to domestic violence to psychological abuse—those stats are staggering. Read more »

Damian Marley Stole My Heart

“Affairs Of The Heart” Might Just Be The Realest Love Song Ever

Affairs Of The Heart…that’s something the entire universe can relate to. We all love, and no matter how tough people act, we all get mushy on the inside when we think about the object(s) of our affection. Read more »