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HEAR THIS: Nadia Batson “Aggresive”

HEAR THIS: Nadia Batson "Aggresive"

Some Men Say They Love Aggressive Women

Having one the Top 10 Tunes For Carnival 2013 with the female anthem “Manager,” Nadia Batson returns with another hit guaranteed to have ladies more forward than usual. The aptly titled “Aggressive,” produced by hit makers Precision Productions is a sure fire bubbling tune and serves as a warning to all the man dem. Think you can handle it? Tune After The Jump… Read more »

Gyptian’s “Sex, Love and Reggae” Rises To Higher Heights

Gyptian's "Sex, Love and Reggae" Rises To Higher Heights

Gyppy’s Latest Album Debuted At No. 1 on Billboard’s Reggae Chart

The night before Gyptian released his latest album Sex, Love & Reggae he spent the evening celebrating his 30th birthday with Rob Kenner on Radio Lily. After the webcast Gyppy and an entourage of his  friends, including Bascom XFyakin, Khago and Danielle D.I. rolled over to the legendary SOB‘s to continue  the celebration at the highly anticipated, SOB’s Reggae Music Fest, presented by Tree Reid Promotions. NYC’s renowned selector DJ Stranger,  X-Caliber Sound warmed up the crowd  awaiting their arrival. Next up, the extraordinary  Derrick Barnett (founder and former bassist for the legendary Jamaican band Sagittarius ) and his Statement Band including Raymond Stewart on  keyboards, Andy Bassford on guitar and Damian Martellie on drums, excited the crowd with an electrifying live session. When Gyptian hit the stage around 10:30pm, the  crowd ignited. Album Review and Video After The Jump…  Read more »

HYPE TV Top 20 Countdown: I-Octane Once Again Takes The Lead

I-Octane Has The Number One Spot, How Long Can He Keep It?
I-Octane has been jumping all around the Hype TV countdown for quite some time now with his hit Dancehall tracks. Keeping his listeners entertained with his newest track, “Happy Time,” he has now grabbed the number one spot once again. The video features I-Octane and all his friends have a big bash at his house while he sings about having some happy times. Check out the video and the Hype TV countdown after the jump!

WATCH THIS: RDX “Ride It” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: RDX "Ride It" Official Music Video

Reggae Dancehall Xtraordinaite Inna Cowbwoy Stylee

From Josey Wales to the Lone Ranger to Super Cat’s classic “Scalp Dem,” western flicks have been a rich source of inspiration for reggae dancehall artists over the years. But chances are you’ve never seen a western video quite like this one before. Renegade + Delomar = RDX, two-man dancehall wrecking crew. They burst on the scene with smash hits like “Daggering” and “Bend Over” and since then they’ve carved out a niche as the bashment party gods with a gift for getting the ladies involved. They’ve just released some new visuals for their uptempo single “Ride It,” so what better concept than an Old West cowboy story? Words cannot do this one justice—best you  just check it out for yourself. And then pree their backstage interview with the ReggaeGirlABoutTown. Saddle up! Videos After The Jump… Read more »

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Bunji Garlin “Gimme The Brass”

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Bunji Garlin "Gimme The Brass"

Before Differentology There Was Brass

Yesterday, Thursday 7th of November marked exactly one year since the mega hit “Differentology” was officially released to the world. Fast foward to the present and “Differentology” is still being played at high volumes and remix after remix is coming out the woodwork adding to the longevity of the tune. Bunji is a household name now, but there was a time when he was just another guy who had the talent and trying to make a name for himself performing at local secondary schools around Carnival time. Read more »

WATCH THIS: I-Octane Life On The Road

WATCH THIS: I-Octane Life On The Road

Tour Life Is The Best Life 

Reggae star I-Octane gives us a glimpse into everyday tour life. The video give us a look at his recent shows at #InDiDancehall show with Elephant Man in Delaware and Irie Jamboree at Barclays Center, Brooklyn featuring appearances from Beenie Man, Diva Nikki Z, Camille McDonald, Damian Marley, Lady Saw and some other familiar faces. Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Bunji Garlin Feat. Major Lazer & Kubiyashi “It’s A Carnival”

HEAR THIS: Bunji Garlin Feat. Major Lazer & Kubiyashi "It's A Carnival"

Bunji And Lazer Link Up One More Time And Bring Along Kubiyashi For The Ride

The Black Spaniard Bunji Garlin hasn’t taken his foot off the gas pedal yet, airwaves are still steaming from the remix of “Differentology” that Major Lazer so generously provided that it was only natural that the two powerhouses collided once more. Always one to push the envelope in terms of what Soca music should sound like Bunji, Major Lazer and St. Vincent producer Kubiyashi combine to create what should propel Soca music to higher heights on the global scale. Tune After The Jump…  Read more »

M.I.A. Brings The Noize Live in NYC

M.I.A. Brings The Noize Live in NYC

Matangi Tour Proves The UK Bad Gyal Still Does It Well

“Truth is like a rotten tooth,” M.I.A. observes on “Bring the Noize,” a single from her fourth studio album, Matangi, which drops next Tuesday. “You got to spit it out.”

Much truth was spat during her concert last night at New York’s Terminal 5, starting with the opening act, Julian Assange, who couldn’t make it in person since he faces all manner of threats—ranging from assassination to international extradition—for various unauthorized disclosures published on his fearlessly truth-spitting website Wikileaks. Assange delivered his opening remarks vis Skype chat from the Ecuadorian embassy in London, which has granted him political asylum for the time being. It was a perfect gesture of rebellion from M.I.A., whose father fought with Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tigers and whose latest release is named for a Hindu goddess of music and learning with special powers that include vanquishing enemies of the people by skillful use of supreme knowledge.

After a brief DJ set, M.I.A. took the stage rocking shiny gold and silver garments, dark shades, and pink stiletto heels. She kicked things off with “Bring The Noize,” whose automatic-weapon onomatopoeia hook had hundreds of gun fingers in the air from jump. (The gunfingers were only slightly outnumbered by mobile recording devices, which was also fitting for a multimedia maestro like M.I.A.) “Vicki Leekx bitches, back by dope demand,” she roared, referring to her 2010 Assange-inspired mixtape, and the eclectic crowd packed into the three-story venue—including a generous portion of rave kids in post-Halloween gear—roared back. By the time she got to the rabble-rousing punch line, “It’s not me and you, it’s the fucking banks!” M.I.A. had the place feeling like an Occupy Wall Street rally. But when she told her selector to “pull up” during “Galang” we knew she was still a bashment girl at heart…. Video After The Jump… Read more »

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Gyptian “Is There A Place”

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Gyptian "Is There A Place"

Gyptian Is On The Search For That Place

Earlier this week Gyptian celebrated the release of his new album “Sex, Love & Reggae” along with his 30th birthday at NYC’s very own S.O.B’s to a capacity crowd. Gyptian year after year has been releasing great reggae music focusing on everyday life, love and everything in between. So to further honor the talented singer we take it back to when his dreads weren’t fully grown and his chin had a little less fuzz with the 2005 hit “Is There A Place” on the highly touted Seasons Riddim. Tune After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: I-Octane ”We Found Love”

HEAR THIS: I-Octane ''We Found Love''

When you think of I-Octane you imagine explosive energy, but his new track “We Found Love” on Chimney Records’ Rising Sun riddim is a reminder that the dancehall Rasta also does really great love songs. Don’t sleep on the lyrics either. Octane clearly knows the value of true love and it sounds like he’s prepared to put it all out there for the right lady. Isn’t it amazing what good good loving can do? Audio After The Jump… Read more »