What could be more fun than rolling through Kingston street dances with Kat Dahlia, Nyanda (of Brick & Lace), and The Wizard? How about adding Black Lion and Kemist to the mix—and shooting a music video for their posse cut "Mash It Up" while you're at it? Like the song says, "they do what they do and and don't give a fvck! The crew look like they are having a blast as pass the mic and rave all night till morning light. You can barely tell that this was Kat's first trip to Jamaica. The genre-bending singer/songwriter signed to Epic Records looks right at home shocking out on a sound system. Whether MIA or JA, she already warned you: "we coming to your city and we mash it up." Video After The Jump... Run That... Kat Dahlia Stops by The Strictly Boomshots Show Follow @Boomshots