White People

Anthony Weiner Lickin’ Shots Pon The Parkway

Turns Out The Ja-Fakin’ Mayoral Candidate Is a Big Capleton Fan

It’s not unusual to see politicians pandering at “ethnic” events like yesterday’s West Indian Day parade in Brooklyn NYC. What is more unusual is to see mayoral candidates shouting Bo! Bo! Bo! pon the Parkway (even without the gun-finger in the air). Or to hear them singing along to dancehall tunes that say “all sodomite dem fi dead.” But then again, when the mayoral candidate in question happens to be Anthony “Dick Pic” Weiner, can anyone say they are truly surprised? Still he keeps finding ways to redefine “reckless.” Video after the jump…

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WATCH THIS: Morgan Heritage “Perfect Love Song” Official Video

The Song May Be Perfect, But What About The Video? morgan


Reggae quintet Morgan Heritage unloads a fresh visual for their latest single entitled “Perfect Love Song” off their highly anticipated “Here Come The Kings” album set to hit shelves June 11th. Shot in the picturesque Little Haiti neighborhood of Miami, the video which premiered on Ebony.com caught the attention of some You Tube commenters who made a note at the lack of melanin in the video cast. Then again, as Morgan Heritage once told us, “You don’t haffi dread to be Rasta.” Check For Yourself After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Dub Scandal Rocks “Portlandia”

Mayor Holds A Press Conference To Confession His Dirty Secret: Dub

If you thought Ras Trent was annoying… If Andy Milonakis inna dancehall style gets on your nerves… If you’re perturbed by this French dude Bigga Ranks… Then you’ll probably appreciate this VICE essay. But if that looks way too long to read, get a load of this awkward highlight from the IFC comedy series Portlandia. Video After The Jump…
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