“LAVAAA!!!” The Irie Flame of I-Wayne

"LAVAAA!!!" The Irie Flame of I-Wayne

Lava Splash! Fire Dash! Everything Burn To Ash

Sunday September 4th marked Irie Jam’s 23rd Anniversary concert spotlighting Sizzla Kalonji’s return-to-New-York performance after eight long years of absence. The supporting superstar line-up to the sizzling stage show included an artist who personifies lines from Kalonji’s “King in the Jungle.”  Seated up so high, yet so humble, I-Wayne brought his celestial presence and the hard/soft balance of his cool and deadly style to the Irie Jam Radio massive in the leafy green confines of Roy Wilkins Park. Mainstream airwaves aren’t the lane for I-Wayne. As the Prophet Capleton once put it, he is on a mission, not in a competition. To see him truly manifest is to catch him live in the flesh. After a seething set that made knowledge born that his musical ministry is service to the people—not about bulleting Billboard or gaining Grammys—we linked up with the Loyal Soliders Promotion crew backstage. I-Wayne broke it down with Boomshots as to what the Irie Jam performance meant to him, burning a righteous fire, and shedding light on the livity of a lava lyricist. Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Equiknoxx Music “Us In 2007” PREMIERE

HEAR THIS: Equiknoxx Music "Us In 2007" PREMIERE

 Once Upon a Time In Jamaica

Like the mighty bird of prey who serves as the label’s logo/mascot, Equiknoxx Music has soared to higher heights in recent years. But today the dancehall production team of Nicholas “Bobby The Blackbird” Deane & Gavin “Gavsborg” Blair rewind back to the days when they flew mostly under the radar. Consider Us In 2007  a sonic snapshot, a moment in time—five tracks culled from the Equiknoxx archives and presented for the first time today on Boomshots. “We had no studio at the time,” recalls Blackbird. “Most of these songs were recorded at different studios…mainly Anchor Studios, Cutting Edge Records which is now Chimney Records, B-Rich Entertainment, and Versatile C&M Entertainment now Ancient Records/4th Generation Music. The time was simple; the fees were zero, gratitude is everything. As for us? What to say? “Brash” is the word that comes to mind. Well, depending on your definition. Loud, confident, spirited and maybe a little rude.” These songs are not about “Big Names”—Craigy T and Bay C of TOK fame pop up on two solo cuts; Tifa sings the hook for an artist known as C4 whose eccentric slang (“Man a real Gangle-arka”) steals the show; the only Ranks here is Shawnie. Never mind if you never heard of Rsenal or Lil J.O.E or Jahfrica or Tremma—just listen. The songs possess a raw urgency that is undeniable, and irresistible to fans of real dancehall music. And the production? It knoxx. These beats are ready to take on the world, but they were released at a moment when the world was not ready. “There are no rules, there are no gatekeepers, there are no expectations, there are no limits,” Blackbird summarizes. “We have the secrets of the sky, and laughter comes easy. Actions before words and the birds speak loudly and boldly because they are sure. We are sure about everything.”  Audio After The Jump…
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WATCH THIS: Mr. Easy “Bashment Gal” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Mr. Easy "Bashment Gal" Official Music Video

Classic Dancehall Throwback Co-Starring Tanto Blacks aka Reel Rich

Anytime Mr. Easy and Ricky Blaze link up, they always bring out the best in each other. In the first video from Easy’s  forthcoming EP, The Don, director Jay Will takes us back to the dancehall days of yesteryear. From Mr. Easy’s furry Kangol bucket hat to Tanto Blacks’ mesh marina, this is strictly a throwback vibes. But as the song makes clear, this tune is all about the girls. No long talking, let’s get into it. Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Vybz Kartel Birthday Bash 2002

WATCH THIS: Vybz Kartel Birthday Bash 2002

Witness the Birth of a Dancehall Legend

Thirteen years ago today, Vybz Kartel (or as the videographer spelled it Vibes Cartel) celebrated his 25th birthday with an action-packed session at Club La Roose on Port Henderson Road in Portmore. Judging by the massive turnout of artists on the stage and the reaction of the ram-jam crowd inside the venue—not to mention the ridiculously futuristic flows emanating from his microphone—it’s clear that Kartel is a young champion on the rise. Having graduated from street mixtapes to writing hits for the likes of Bounty Killer, Kartel now had a major hit on Don Corleon’s Mad Ants riddim, “New Millennim” featuring Wayne Marshall. His debut album for Greensleeves Records, Up 2 Di Time, was still a year away, but anybody in La Roose that night knew something big was happening. Much has changed since that time: for one thing, when’s the last time you saw Kartel rocking a Nets jersey and a durag? Moreover, Kartel’s name is now known all around the planet, although much of the world is more familiar with his controversial exploits than his cutting-edge music. But one thing has stayed the same from that time until this : even as Kartel marks his third consecutive birthday behind bars, the Werlboss still has the streets on lock, and despite his predicament Kartel remains the most influential dancehall artist in the game, period. In honor of Adidja Azim Palmer’s earthstrong, let’s take it back to 2002, and bear witness to the birth of a legend.  Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: DJ Vadim “Hope” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: DJ Vadim "Hope" Official Music Video

Russian Expatriate DJ Flings Down The First Selection From His Forthcoming LP, Dubcatcher

So… what does a Russian-born yute named Daddy Vad know about “dibby dibby soundboys” you ask? Apparently quite a bit. We were just a tad skeptical when we first encountered this resident of the London suburb of East Ham. After all aren’t there enough hipster dancehall projects littering the global soundscape at the moment? But then we took another look at that crazy album art. And the label’s press release finally won us over when it stated: “Think more Eddy Grant than Sean Paul. Taking a musical genre and infusing it with the sounds of soul, boogie and rap, cranking up the bass to 11 and sometimes just dubbin’ it…conscious, social, political but also playful and ample portion for the lovers. Like one of the albums’ skits, it’s all about vibesing up the place. I wanna hear some drums n bass!” Mek it go so then. Here’s the first joint off Dubcatcher, featuring righteous vox courtesy of Rio Hemopo and Sabira Jade.  Video After The Jump… Read more »

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Rita Marley “One Draw” Original 12” Mix

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Rita Marley "One Draw" Original 12'' Mix

Build One Spliff An Take A Whiff

The legalization of marijuana is a topic on many a person’s lips. States like Colorado and Washington are spearheading the legal marijuana trade and basically showing the U.S and the rest of the world how profitable and how positively it affects the economy. So why dem nah fi legalize di herb?! We’ve been asking that question for years. With the legalization and medical usage of marijuana seemingly reaching a tipping point, Rita Marley felt it was the right time to re-issue the original extended 12″ hit version of “One Draw.” In 1981 she released an upbeat ode to herb-smoking with a memorable tongue-in-cheek dialogue between a “teacher” and some of her “students” with names such as “Herbie,” “Smokie” and “Mila” (short for “sensimilla”). Even though at its core “One Draw” was reggae song, it was leaps and bounds over the majority of what was being recorded and released in Jamaica at that time. On why she felt it was the right time to re-issue the classic, Rita said: Read more »

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Vybz Kartel Feat. Popcaan, Shawn Storm & Gaza Slim “Empire Forever”

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Vybz Kartel Feat. Popcaan, Shawn Storm & Gaza Slim "Empire Forever"

Me Say Gaza, Me Say Gaza

News broke late last night that Vybz Kartel and his cohorts, after much deliberation  were found guilty of the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams. Even though the evidence was stacked against them the news was still met with shock and public outcry, many more concerned about the state of the music than the man. With that in mind we take a look back to a time when Kartel had a firm grip on Dancehall and recruited long time friend Shawn Storm and rising stars Popcaan and Gaza Slim into what was then known as the Empire. With a solid team behind him and the now debunked “Teacha’s Pet” reality show ahead, the future looked even brighter for the Gaza general. Video After The Jump… Read more »

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: I-Octane “Stab Vampire”

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: I-Octane "Stab Vampire"

Octane A Bad From Long Time

His new album “My Journey” dropped this week and is already getting rave reviews. I-Octane has been burning up charts for a while now, but when did it all start? Let’s take it all the way back to 2007 right after I-Octane previously known as Richie Rich dropped this bun out pagan tune “Stab Vampire.” It was with this tune that people began to take notice and realize that I-Octane wasn’t just a flash in the pan. Tune After The Jump… Read more »

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: The Mighty Sparrow “Jean And Dinah (When The Yankees Gon)”

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: The Mighty Sparrow "Jean And Dinah (When The Yankees Gon)"

Yankee Gon’ So Sparrow Take Ova Town

It’s Carnival Friday! So what better way to celebrate (since we can’t be there) than to dedicate today’s Flashback Friday to one of the originators of the artform. “Jean and Dinah” (When The Yankees Gon) is a Calypso from Grenadian born Mighty Sparrow. The song became an international hit in 1956 and would be his first of eight Road March titles. This calypso, Sparrow’s first hit, commented on the large-scale prostitution that the bases once supported and the desperation of these ladies following the closure of many American military bases in Trinidad in the post-war period. Take A Little Wine After The Jump… Read more »

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Buju Banton “Wanna Be Loved”

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Buju Banton "Wanna Be Loved"

Dedicated To The Lovers

It’s that dreaded day, Valentine’s Day, the day most people find out where they stand with their significant other. Heartbreak for some but a day to rejoice in the emotion that is love of to feel loved for many. Let’s focus on the latter (sorry side pieces). Love is a beautiful thing and everyone deserves to be loved, but more importantly loved for who they are, isn’t that right Buju? Gargamel himself stated these words on his hit tune “Wanna Be Loved” of his 1995 classic “Til Shiloh.” Buju expressed these same sentiments, he wants love, but only if his lady loves him for him or as he put it “not for who you think I am or who you want me to be could you love me for me?” Tune After The Jump… Read more »

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Beres Hammond “I Feel Good”

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Beres Hammond "I Feel Good"

Feel Good Friday

T.G.I.F!!! You’re probably counting down the hours you have left on work thinking about what plans you have this weekend with your friends or even that special someone. Let us here at Boomshots add to your already building good vibes with this 2008 hit from the man himself Beres Hammond entitled “I Feel Good.” As the song implies, Beres focuses on the simpler things in life, good music, his lady in his arms and an all around good feeling. Feel good to, Tune After The Jump… Read more »

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Barrington Levy “Here I Come (Broader Than Broadway)”

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Barrington Levy "Here I Come (Broader Than Broadway)"

Trouble Double Double

Yesterday we gave you a listen to Barrington’s latest entitled “Rosie.” If you haven’t noticed, Barrington has been dealing with Rosie since the beginning of his career, most notably on his 1985 classic “Here I Come (Broader Than Broadway).” Take a trip down memory lane – Tune After The Jump… Read more »