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Bunji Garlin Wins 2013 Soul Train Award For Best International Performance

Bunji Garlin Wins 2013 Soul Train Award For Best International Performance

The Viking Of Soca Claims His Prize 

Trinidadian soca star Bunji Garlin takes home the 2013 Soul Train Award for Best International Performance with the meteoric hit “Differentology.” Read more »

HEAR THIS: Bunji Garlin “Carnival Tabanca”

Bunji Can’t Shake The Carnival Feelingtabanca


Let’s face it, Carnival is the greatest show on Earth. I mean come on, days of drinking, partying and all around good vibes what more do you need? It’s because of all that niceness that when it’s over you’re left with a feeling of serious withdrawal and the dreaded “Carnival Tabanca” sets in. This is the exactly what Bunji is stating in his new song (appropriately titled) “Carnival Tabanca,” he yearns for the streets, the atmosphere so much so that its starting to affect his reality. We know how you feel Bunji, Tune After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Kes “Can’t Wait”

Kes Sings For His Special Someonekes   We’ve all been there at one point in our life or another. That special someone who consumes all of our thoughts, so much so that an hour feels like a year and we yearn just to gaze upon them once more. Love is a beautiful thing and Kes is definitely in it, deep. The red rasta aches to see his love again as he reminisces over her touch and how she puts it on him. Think about that special someone while you Listen After The Jump…  Read more »

WATCH THIS: 3 Canal “Boom” & More Trinibadness

Trinidad’s Baddest Rapso Crew Sets It Off

For all those who thought Trini music was nothing but soca and steel pan, think again. 3 Canal have been on some Public Enemy ish for 12 years now and they’re still out here making history every day. “Rapso man want to right the wrongs; Rapso man bring Babylon down.” Let off…

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