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BuzzRock’s New Album: “Nobody’s Fool”

BuzzRock's New Album: "Nobody's Fool"

New Solo Album From One of Trinidad and Tobago’s Finest Roots Artist

Sadiki also known as BuzzRock, releases his new album today, a solo album entitled “Nobody’s Fool” on his own label, Ministry of Dub. BuzzRock released four albums as part of a group but this time he is taking his baritone vocals and conscious lyrics to the world. This article contains an interview we conducted two days prior to the album release followed by an album review. More After The Jump…

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Jillionaire’s Top Ten Tunes Of Carnival 2014

Jillionaire's Top Ten Tunes Of Carnival 2014

Trini Chris Lists The Ten Best For This Carnival Season

Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival has been over for about two weeks now and even still those who attended are going through some withdrawals (that the Carnival Tabanca Bunji was speaking about). Since no one has invented a time machine as yet, or the government is being sneaky as usual, we figured the next best thing is compile the ten biggest tunes from this years Carnival season. Compiled by Major Lazer’s own Jillionaire, click through to see the Top Ten Tunes Of Carnival 2014  After The Jump…  Read more »

HEAR THIS: Machel Montano “Ministry Of Road (M.O.R.)”

HEAR THIS: Machel Montano "Ministry Of Road (M.O.R.)"

Double M Is About To Destroy The Road With This One

Machel and Precision Productions collide once more and they’re are committed in destroying everything in their path. Don’t worry they’ll fix everything right up after. Presenting the “Ministry Of Road,” or M.O.R. as its commonly known will mash up any road, anywhere, day or night. Do you have a road that’s in need of a little mashing up? Call M.O.R. now! Tune After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Fay Ann Lyons “Catch Me”

HEAR THIS: Fay Ann Lyons "Catch Me"

The Viking Queen Drops Her Own Electro-Soca Banger

With her husband Bunji Garlin revolutionizing how and where Soca music is being played it was only a matter of time Fay Ann Lyons would remind us why they are Soca’s power couple. The track is entitled “Catch Me” and much like “Differentology” it’s not your generic soca song in fact it has a more pop feel which is helped due to Richie Beretta’s infectious production. Now don’t go thinking Fay Ann has gone mainstream hoping on the EDM craze, this is at its core a Soca song, Beretta made sure to keep all the elements intact while adding his own spin on things. Tune After The Jump… Read more »