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MoBay Artists Shine at Sumfest 2018

MoBay Artists Shine at Sumfest 2018
Rygin King, Teejay, and Tommy Lee Rip Dancehall Night In Front Of Hometown Crowd Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest has been a world-class music festival since its inception in 1993, but the 2018 edition of the Greatest Reggae Show on Earth was more than that: it was a chance for redemption in Montego Bay. Since January of 2018, Jamaica’s tourist mecca had been under a state of emergency due to a spike in gang violence. While the military crackdown did manage to reduce the killings, it wasn’t great for the tourism industry. Sumfest has traditionally provided a boost to the local economy each summer, but this year they did more than that—they brought hope back to the Second City. A stellar performance by three of MoBay’s most promising artists—Tommy Lee, Teejay, and Rygin King—sent a message to the streets that there is another way to progress in life. In the words of Downsound Entertainment CEO Josef Bogdanovich. “It’s really about stop the killing and let’s get real and try to make some money and live a good life.” Video, Photos, and Full Story After the Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Bunny Wailer “No Woman No Cry”

Original Wailing Wailer Sings A Marley Classic And Chats With RGAT
Bunny Wailer’s been in the news lately for his criticism of Snoop Lion. Snoop will reportedly be traveling to Jamaica soon to hold a reasoning with Jah B and work through their issues. In the meantime here’s a look at the original Wailing Wailer doing what he does best. Video After The Jump…
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Beres Hammond, Nicki Minaj & R.Kelly Must Bring Their A-Game To Reggae Sumfest 2011

International Soul And Hip Hop Stars Touch Down In MoBay July 22-23

Jamaica’s leading reggae festival has always been about more than reggae. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Khago Live at Sumfest

It’s His First Time Ever On Dancehall Night, And Khago Blazes It Up

We’re definitely feeling this conscious young DJ named Khago (short for Chicago) who made big noise on his first ever Sumfest Dancehall Night with a Certified Boomshot called “Nah Sell Out Me Friend Dem.”  His heartfelt song about loyalty has become a street anthem. Read more »

Reasoning With Di Teacha: Part 1 of 2

Reasoning With Di Teacha: Part 1 of 2

As New Album Drops, Kartel Speaks On Music, War, and Life Pon Di Gaza

Adidja Palmer is a study in contradictions. According to a recent survey commissioned by the University of the West Indies, the DJ known as Vybz Kartel is dancehall’s most popular artist. On the other hand, his one-time mentor Bounty Killer recently said the biggest regret of his career was helping to “buss” the young lyricial prodigy from Portmore. “Kartel is the worst thing to happen to dancehall music,” Killer said of the artist who inspired his recent tune “Ungrateful Hell Bwoy” (a response to his former protege’s scathing “Bownty’s Killer”). After Kartel and Mavado’s epic confrontation at Sting 2008, anticipation is building for this year’s lyrical contest between di Teacha and the Warlord. But Kartel’s complexities don’t stop there. When we spoke last week by telelphone, the man behind controversial tunes like “Rampin’ Shop” and “Virginity” had just completed a back-to-school book giveaway, and was organizing a new juggling called the Schoolyard riddim, encouraging students to stay in school and out of trouble. Yet even as the Gaza vs Gully rivalry continues to simmer in the streets, the prolific, provocative lyricist insists on absolute artistic freedom, no matter the consequences. So who is the real Vybz Kartel? And what is di Teacha really teaching? Tune in and decide for yourself…

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Sumfest 2009 Highlights bubbling backstage in MoBay… Keep it locked.

Here’s a little taste of what I caught on the FlipCam…. Tarrus Riley onstage mashing it up right now. Toni Braxton plus Junior Gong and Nas tonight. Much more to come.

WATCH THIS: Jr. Gong & Nas “Road To Zion” Live

Distant Relatives rock on and on and on…

“Out in the streets they call it murder.” Last year Nas and Jay-Z rocked the bells. This year it’s God’s Son and Bob’s son. Raw footage from the RTB press preview. Shout to 2 Dope Boyz. Let it go…

Rihanna Affidavit

The year was 2006, Rihanna was 18 years old and performing in Jamaica for the first time. She had no drama with Chris Brown, just a song to sing. Can it be that it was all so simple then? Let’s go to the video tape:

While you listen to the girl sing, check out the full text of the police affidavit about the events of February 7, 2009. Read more »