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Royalty In NYC: Jesse Royal and The King Suns at SOBs

Royalty In NYC: Jesse Royal and The King Suns at SOBs

The Palace Pickney Delivers An Emancipation Message During Bob Marley EarthStrong Weekend

Not many artists can fill SOBs on a snowy winter night with temperatures in the twenties. But Jesse Royal is not just any artist. So this past Monday night, his first time performing at the legendary night club he had a toe-to-toe, overflowing crowd out early. The crowd got warm and cozy with some blazing hits by Lionface (Lion King), Max Glazer & Kenny Meez (Federation Sound), DJ Gravy & Micro Don (Rice N’ Peas), Rob Kenner, SeeBorn, and Charlie Brown (BBC Hi-Fi). The temperature kept rising throughout Jah Bami and Knight Blade’s live session—heightened by a rousing performance of their viral hit “I Got That Weed”—before the special surprise guest was announced by the Host, Rob Kenner.  More After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Steel Pulse “Put Your Hoodies On (4 Trayvon)”

Handsworth Revolutionists Still Asking: “Does Not Justice Stand For All”?
CIS:E.1492-2010[Photograph by Dennis Morris]
When Steel Pulse first burst out of Birmingham in 1975, they were the most militant reggae group in England. Their debut album, Handsworth Revolution set a tone of uncompromising rebel music with tracks like “Ku Klux Klan.” The band would sometimes throw on Klansmen’s hoods when performing the tune live, making a dreadfully powerful statement and striking fear into the hearts of downpressors worldwide. After dabbling in lighter fare like “Rollerskates,” the Pulse is back on that hood shit, but this time in tribute to Trayvon Martin. David “Dread” Hinds describes their new song, “Put Your Hoodies On [4 Trayvon],” as “a plea for justice. Steel Pulse has been campaigning and watching this case since February 26th 2012. The fact is that an innocent teenager is dead, shot by a man who was playing vigilante—pursuing the teenager around the neighborhood despite being advised against it by the authorities. This could well end up as the day justice was killed once again in a Jim Crow. We sensed the result  but despite the outcome of the trial, the truth remains the truth, and the ghost of justice will haunt this town of Sanford, Florida forever.” Audio & Download Link After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Steel Pulse “Paint It Black”

Steel Pulse Debuts A Track In Honor Of  The Rosa Parks Incident As Well As Our 44th Presidentpulse

Never ones to shy away from the political, Steel Pulse debuts a track to honor both the 100th anniversary of the Rosa Parks incident and our comander-in-chief Barack Obama. The song also has deeper meanings, as Steel Pulse Explains, the track:

also serves as a testimony of the African diaspora that have survived Western world society, despite the disadvantages of slavery and colonialism, we have managed to have a man of color as a leader of this world, in the White House.

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Buju Celebrates Grammy Win

Before The Dawn Honor Lifts Spirits As The Gargamel’s Trial Resumes

Although Buju Banton was not able to attend the Grammy Awards ceremony yesterday in Los Angeles, the reggae star—who is still confined to Florida—celebrated his win to the fullest. A member of Buju’s security team was startled when he heard shouting from Buju’s hotel room in Tampa, where the artist faces jury selection in his second trial on drug charges today. “I thought something was wrong,” the guard told The Jamaica Observer. Instead he found out Buju had won the Grammy for Best Reggae Album. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Meta & The Cornerstones “Cornerstone”

Roots Rock Reggae Straight Outta Senegal By Way of Brooklyn

The realest video we’ve seen in a long while comes from Senegal-born Meta Dia and his BK-based ensemble The Cornerstones. Refreshing, upful, truthful in so many ways. But it’s not for the ADD generation. Got to give this one time… Read more »

Steel Pulse: Tribute To The Martyrs, 1979

From Handsworth to Haiti—The Song Remains The Same

On this MLK Day, let us pause to reflect on the words of the man who sacrificed his life to the struggle for equal rights and justice:

Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.

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Reggae Grammy Rewind

“Reggae Get The Grammy.” All These Years Later… do you still feel happy?

“They nominate five ah we,” Yellowman chants over a bouncy Junjo Lawes riddim track. “Steel Pulse Black Uhuru and me / Peter Tosh and also Jimmy.”

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