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WATCH THIS: Perfect Giddimani ft. Stephen Dajure “Dollnald Trummp” Official Music Video PREMIERE

WATCH THIS: Perfect Giddimani ft. Stephen Dajure "Dollnald Trummp" Official Music Video PREMIERE

Because There’s Never A Bad Time To Diss The Donald

Not since Cocoa Tea sang Barack Obama’s praises has reggae music paid much attention to electoral politics in the U.S. Of course Bob Marley‘s song “Revolution” warned “Never make a politician grant you a favor.” Why? Because “they will always want to control you forever.” (Bob lived and learned this lesson well.) Back in the day Blue Riddim Band had that “Nancy Reagan” joint but her husband was already in office by then. (Nice tune but too little, too late to make a difference.) Years later Buju Banton sang the opt-out anthem “Politics Time Again (Are You Gonna Vote?)” and Anthony B followed suit with “Nah Vote Again.” Just this year Sizzla Kalonji dropped “Don’t Make Dem Fool You Again” which raised some important issues relating to the Jamaican elections. But reggae music has not had much to say about the insane political race going on up here in the U.S.A.—and that’s too bad. With billionaire real estate mogul, toupee model, beauty pageant pimp, and short-fingered vulgarian Donald Trump looking less like a joke and more like a serious threat to secure the Republican candidate for President—despite the fact that he has repeatedly encouraged his followers to commit acts of violence against the opposition, and the fact that he has called for Mexicans and Muslims (among others) to be denied entry to the U.S., and the fact that he recently received the endorsement of a Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan—it’s time for all clear-thinking defenders of life and liberty and human rights to speak out against everything he represents. In comes the man called Perfect Giddimani (and his bredren Stephen Dajure) with the perfect song at the perfect time. Loud. Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: I-Octane “Gyal A Gimme Bun” Official Video PREMIERE

Brand New I-Octane Visuals Are The Maadest Ting Ever
I-Octane tried something new with his tune “Gyal A Gimme Bun” produced by Troyton and Seanizzle. Instead of the usual gallis argument, he gave his fans a touch of self-deprecating humor and delivered a cautionary tale to guys who don’t spend enough time with their ladies. The dancehall singjay’s outside-the-box thinking paid off. His tune is already rocking the streets of Kingston, and with the premiere of the humorous “Gyal a Gimme Bun” video, he’s all set to Conquer the Globe. When we say this video is mad, we really mean… It Siiiiick. Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Aidonia & Deablo “Run Road” Video PREMIERE

DiDi & Deablo Run It Red

Aidonia has been spitting hard lyrics for years now, but more recently the JOP boss has been stepping it up with even catchier tunes and slicker videos. (I know you remember that “Tan Tuddy” clip from a few weeks back.) Now Didi has returned to bless us with another boom visual for his song with Deablo called “Run Road.” From the motorbike stunts to the hot girls, you know they run it red. World premiere of the new video after the jump.
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Marley Movie Premieres In Jamaica

Rita Marley, Chris Blackwell, Director Kevin MacDonald, Jah Cure & Many More Turn Out For The Big Show

Last night history was made in Kingston, Jamaica as the documentary “Marley” was screened for free in Emancipation Park one night before the rest of the world got to see the critically acclaimed film. Rita Marley, Cedella Marley, Rohan Marley, Chris Blackwell, Neville Garrick, and reggae star Jah Cure were just a few of those in attendance for the big show. And Boomshots was in the house.
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