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WATCH THIS: Omari Banks ft. Duane Stephenson “System Set” Official Music Video PREMIERE

WATCH THIS: Omari Banks ft. Duane Stephenson "System Set" Official Music Video PREMIERE

Omari Fights The Right Fight

The quest for wisdom knowledge and overstanding is not about having all the answers. The real major key—shout to DJ Khaled—is asking the right questions. The Crown Prince of Reggae, Dennis Emmanuel Brown, once sang a song that asked “Do you know what it means to have a revolution?” Elsewhere D. Brown observed “Them ah fight them mothers, them ah kill them brothers, some ah fight them sister, some a fight them father,” then he asked a musical question that was more like a challenge: “Who they gonna fight when the right fight comes?” Although Dennis passed away without receiving a good answer, there were other seekers who picked up his line of questioning. On Tarrus Riley’s seminal 2006 album Parables  Singy Singy sang a song called “System Set” (subtitled “Willie Lynch Syndrome” after a notorious speech attributed to a West Indian slave master who advised that the best way to control unruly slaves was to, in other words, to divide and rule.)  “In the race for a dollar, friends turn sour—even Mama ‘gainst Dada,” Riley’s song observed. “And I heard that gunshot ah shower over rice and flour—This we can’t allow yah. It makes no sense to fight for food. I’d rather wait for harvest.” And then he completes the thought with a powerful question: “Tell me who and what it profits?” (The modern day Willie Lynches of course, people like Donald Trump.) Today Boomshots proudly premieres the music video for Omari Banks’ song of the same name. But make no mistake, the 2016 version of “System Set” is not a cover. The melody and lyrics are completely new, although the fearless rebel spirit remains the same. This song is more like a continuation of an ongoing search for wisdom, knowledge, and overstanding—making use of word, sound, and power to ask a burning question, one that remains unanswered from that time till this time: “Do you know what  you’re fighting for?” Video After The Jump…
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Sasco, Cham, Tanya, Jovi & Omari Shell Down SXSW 2016, Represent Reggae & Dancehall To The Fullest

Sasco, Cham, Tanya, Jovi & Omari Shell Down SXSW 2016, Represent Reggae & Dancehall To The Fullest

Irie Jam x Boomshots Make History at SXSW 2016

With tens of thousands of performers, panels, and premieres packed into nine short days, SXSW is all about FOMO. Whether you’re in Austin or not, Fear Of Missing Out is simply inevitable. So fret not thyself if you didn’t get a chance to witness Irie Jam and Boomshots making history with the greatest reggae and dancehall showcase in SXSW history. We’ve got you covered.  Video & Photos After The Jump… Read more »

“Sounds From The Caribbean Stage” Showcase at SXSW Reps Reggae & Dancehall To The World

"Sounds From The Caribbean Stage" Showcase at SXSW Reps Reggae & Dancehall To The World

W&R Projects x Irie Jam x Boomshots Link Up To Make Music History

Launching as a regional music festival in 1987, SXSW (pronounced “South By Southwest”) has grown by leaps and bounds to become one of the biggest cultural events in the world—expanding to a nine-day marathon encompassing Film and Interactive as well as Music. Major motion pictures like Neighbors, 21 Jump Street, and Bridesmaids as well as the TV series Girls have premiered and secured distribution deals at SXSW. Major digital startups like Twitter and Foursquare debuted at SXSW. But music is the lifeblood of the festival, with over 28,000 artists participating last year, from unknown hopefuls (John Mayer and James Blunt are just two of the future stars to be discovered at SXSW in years past) to bonafide megastars (Kanye West, Prince, Lil Wayne and Jay Z have all performed there in recent years). One area that has been woefully under-represented at SXSW has been Reggae. But this year, W&R Projects have linked with Irie Jam and Boomshots to represent reggae and dancehall music to the world at this influential gathering of media tastemakers and industry power-players.  Details After The Jump… Read more »