When Something Is Meant To Be… It Will Be
Humble, determined, talented and focused, that’s Jah Bouks. I smile as I think about the journey the singer has been on. A journey which began since he was a mere twelve years old. Before he was even conceived, his father had already decided, after watching a karate flick, that he liked the name of the character, Suzuki.He vowed that when he had a son, he would be called Bouki. Determined to make a difference in the world through music, Jah Bouks, with the never-ending support of his mom, who is also his manager, never strayed from his chosen path. There were many challenges and disappointments along the way, but through it all, Jah Bouks never gave in. He pursued his career doggedly. He never stopped writing, recording and performing, as he knew that his time would eventually come. Journey Continues After The Jump… Read more »