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HEAR THIS: Max Glazer and Dre Skull Pon Radio Lily For The “Kingston Story Deluxe” Release Party

A Vybz Kartel Dubplate Barrage Followed By A Strictly Boomshots Interview & A Dre Skull Megamix

This past Tuesday at Miss Lily’s Variety NYC, VICE Records and Mixpak celebrated the launch of Kingston Story Deluxe, the record Kartel once described thusly: “I’m so excited about the album, I feel like it’s my first album.” Max Glazer set the tone with a Federation station dubplate barrage, followed by Rob Kenner’s interview with Dreskull and Max about working with Kartel. Audio after the jump. Read more »

Dre Skull Speaks On The Making Of Vybz Kartel’s “Kingston Story”

The Mixpak Records Boss Talks About Recording An Album With The Werlboss

Earlier this week VICE Records released Kingston Story Deluxe, Vybz Kartel’s first full album with a single producer. That producer is Dre Skull, the founder of Brooklyn-based Mixpak Records, which released the album digitally last year. Boomshots caught up with Dre Skull to get the lowdown on how broke into the game and his reflections on working with dancehall’s most wanted. Read more »

WATCH THIS: Vybz Kartel “My Crew” Video

The Latest Visuals From Kingston Story Deluxe, In Stores Today

Here’s the brand new video for “My Crew” from the deluxe edition of Vybz Kartel’s Kingston Story, which just dropped today. Judging by this footage, The Gaza youths still have mad love for the Werlboss. And they can tun it up anytime they feel like it. But you already knew that. Video after the jump.
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HEAR THIS: Vybz Kartel featuring Pusha T “Half On a Baby” (Remix)

EXCLUSIVE: Di Teacha And Di Pusha Connect On A Brand New Refix Vybz Kartel has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. Let’s get back to the music. Read more »