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Interview: Reasoning With Ziggy Marley

Executive Producer of Marley Documentary Speaks On His Vision For The Film, And Its Biggest Surprise

The long-awaited, critically acclaimed documentary Marley had its L.A. premiere last night, with a Jamaican debut scheduled for Thursday April 19th in Kingston’s Emancipation Park. And then on April 20—which also happens to be both America’s unofficial ganja holiday and Stephen Marley’s birthday—Marley will debut at select theaters and on demand. Just hours before the premiere Boomshots caught up with the co-executive producer of the film, to reason about the challenge of choosing the right director and to share his own personal hopes for the film. Ziggy even revealed what he considers the movie’s biggest surprise.

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WATCH THIS: Kevin MacDonald On Making “Marley”

Check Out This Inteview With The Director Of The New Documentary, Which Debuts On 4/20

The long-awaited documentary Marley hits theaters and VOD outlets in just over two weeks. But we know you don’t want to wait in vain. So just to hold you over, here’s an interview with director Kevin MacDonald (who also directed The Last King of Scotland). He says his goal was to get beyond the legend and show us the Marley the man. “I think people have a very wrong idea of Bob,” he says. “Yes he smoked a lot of herb, as they called it in Jamaica. But he was also incredibly hard-working. In one way he’s a very conservative role-model because he shows that you have to work very very very hard to be successful. Everyone thinks he just smoked and the inspiration came to him and he strummed his guitar. No–he worked hard hard hard…. I think the reason the original Wailers split up—which was him, Peter Tosh and Bunny Livingston—is that the other two weren’t that ambitious. Bob was ambitious. He worked incredibly hard to get where he got to.” Read more »