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British Police Try To Ban Bashment

British Police Try To Ban Bashment

Cops In Croydon Claim Sean Paul’s Music Causes Crime

Police in Croydon have reportedly instituted a ban on dancehall music—known in the UK as “bashment”—claiming that it causes crime and disorder. The latest Clash Music Reggae and Dancehall column reports that police in the London borough wrote a letter criticizing at least one nightclub for playing “what this borough finds unacceptable forms of music.” Dice Bar owner Roy Seda says he has had undercover cops in his club monitoring the music and has been forced to sack DJs for playing dancehall, even though customers often request songs by artists like Sean Paul. “They think I’m a racist,” he told a local newspaper. “All I can say is I am really sorry but the Metropolitan Police has told us [not to play bashment] and, if we do, I will lose my license. Someone has to stand up and say this isn’t right.” Full Story After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Ms. Dynamite “Neva Soft” Video

Brit Beauty Bombs The Bass Cause The Riddim Never Let Her Down

Ms. Dynamite has been bad from ever since she linked with Sticky to make the UK garage classic “Booo!” After her criminally slept-on Stateside debut A Little Deeper, she took a minute to do the whole mom thing and raise her son. But when she popped up on Katy B’s recent club banger “Lights On” it was obvious that motherhood hasn’t slowed Ms. D down one bit. Excuse while she gets into your brain one more time. Read more »