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WATCH THIS: Wax Wreckaz Feat. Million Stylez “High Grade” Official Music Video

Ganja Ova Gun            waxwreckaz


Austrian (Innsbruck to be exact) DJ group Wax Wreckaz, made up of Busy Fingaz, Juwee, Fu and Sensay, four graphic design students from different social backgrounds came together through their shared love of music. For their first release off the Jeffree’s imprint the link with european dancehall ruler Million Stylez to create a hybrid of reggae, pop and electronica. We have to give the Wreckaz full marks for originality of the video, using stop-motion animation to show how the single’s unique artwork was created. Peep The Video After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Chino “High Grade” Video

Chino Sings The New Herbalist Anthem
Where there’s smoke there’s got to be fire, and Chino’s blazing this tune for all the real herbalists—something fresh from Gappy Ranks’ Hot Coffee Productions. Video after the jump.
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