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Femi Kuti Says There’s Still a Place For His Dream

Femi Kuti Says There's Still a Place For His Dream

Fela’s Number One Son Talks About His New Album And Picks Six Essential Afrobeat Tunes

We caught up with FEMI KUTI before last night’s show at Webster Hall in NYC. When he said that he thought his new album, No Place For My Dream, is his “best work so far,” we politely mentioned that every artist think their new album is their best work so far. He laughed before replying: “Well I’m not every artist, one,” he said for starters, “and two I think it because I know. I think Shoki Shoki was one of my most powerful albums. So I would say with that album I was on the highway. I defined another level of Afrobeat, the possibilities of Afrobeat with that album.” Full interview After The Jump… Read more »

Ziggy Marley’s Favorite Live Concerts

Ziggy Has See Some Nice Shows In His Day, But A Few Stand Out From The Rest

Just yesterday Ziggy Marley dropped his first live album in 12 years, Ziggy Marley In Concert (Boomshots premiered a track from it last week.)  Ziggy has worked plenty of stages in the twenty-seven years since the first Melody Makers album was released, Play the Game Right. The show on the album, recorded in Boulder Colorado, was a benefit to support the non-GMO movement in Colorado. “It was a very exciting night and it was a good show,” he recalls. “People were into it and we were into it. It was nice vibes.” Read More After The Jump… Read more »

The Real Revolutionary: Fela Kuti’s Born Day

Nigerian Afrobeat Pioneer Declared “Music Is The Weapon Of The Future”

All these so-called pop music rebels need to sit their ass down and soak up some Fela Anikulapo Kuti, who reached planet earth 71 years ago today.
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