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Red Bull Music Academy Takes Over NYC

Red Bull Music Academy Takes Over NYC

Some of music’s greatest minds in one of the world’s greatest cities

The Red Bull Music Academy pitched up to NYC this year for their annual musical extravaganza. If you’re not familiar with the RBMA then it’s one event to note for the diary. Practically each year since 2002 they have set up shop all over the world for one month to provide a handful of fortunate students who applied for the program to learn the ins and outs of the music biz. Cities so far have ranged from Capetown-South Africa to Spain’s Madrid.

Trust and believe that the energy drink giants (who in 2011 sold 4.6 billion cans of Red Bull) nah cut corners at all! Everyone in NYC knew the team had arrived. Taking over coolest spots in NYC for their events, advertising their entire 31-day schedule in the New York subway (and on giant walls in Williamsburg), not to mention supplying a stand of in-house newspapers filled with quality stories by some of the best journo’s in town, printed fresh to pick up every morning.

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HEAR THIS: Skrillex ft. Jr. Gong “Make It Bun Dem”

Damian Marley Connects With The Bad Boy of Electronic Dance Music. Ooh-Wee.

Yesterday the multi-Grammy-winning EDM producer Skrillex dropped an unexpected treat—a new song with multi-Grammy-winning dancehall star Damian Marley, aka Big Gong Zilla. Maybe some reggae purists will wrinkle up their face at this outside-the-box collabo, but this track sounds like the future.

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