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Rihanna’s 10 Best Reggae Songs (So Far)

Rihanna's 10 Best Reggae Songs (So Far)

Let’s Run Down RiRi’s Ragga Roster
Call us reggae conspiracy theorists, but isn’t it strange how folks forget that the world’s biggest pop star started out asa Bajan bashment gyal? Rihanna stepped on the scene during the summer of Diwali, flinging patois hooks and collaborating with Elly and Adi on her debut album. So why are people surprised that she stays tweeting Sizzla and Beres lyrics? “My favorite artists are all reggae artists,” Rihanna explained when her single “Man Down” dropped back in 2010. “I’m super inspired by reggae music… It’s been a part of me since I was born, and I grew up listening to it… I live that culture. I never get tired of it. I can listen to reggae music all day long, and it was exciting for me to do a song like this, especially with the lyrics being like that.” Although she still hasn’t taken up Lady Saw’s invitation to do what would surely be a crazy collabo, Rihanna has repped her island roots to the fullest over the years. Let’s take a minute to run down some of Rihanna’s best reggae songs (so far). List Begins After The Jump… Read more »

Reasoning With Lady Saw, Raw & Uncut

Muma Saw Talks Nicki, RiRi, Foxy… And Doing Things “Her Way”

Born in the powerful parish of St. Mary, Marion Hall burst on the Jamaican sound system scene in the early 90s, changing the dancehall game forever with her blend of razor-sharp skills and shameless bedroom bravado. Long before Nicki and RiRi first stepped on a stage, Muma Saw was putting it down raw and uncut. Read more »

HEAR THIS: Vybz Kartel “Bownty’s Killer”

Gaza strikes back. Kartel goes hard, counteracts “Chatterbox.”

How are The Warlord and Di Teacha supposed to share the same stage tonight at Champions in Action? Big and serious, beg you both keep it lyrical.

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