BOOMSHOTS is the official Reggae site of the Complex Media Network. But that’s only the beginning.

BOOMSHOTS is a boutique media company that serves as a portal, bridging the gap between American, Caribbean, and global culture innovators and a worldwide audience of young, forward-thinking influencers and tastemakers.

BOOMSHOTS publishes downloadable magazines in our online store along with shirts, accessories, and other merchandise. 

BOOMSHOTS offers a wide range of marketing products and services including display advertising integrated with mobile , video, and social campaigns—all via CMN.

BOOMSHOTS also does media partnerships and sponsorships as well as live events, including but not limited to brand development, pop-up shops, webcasts, concert and video production.

If you’re serious about reaching the most exclusive tastemakers and influencers in the world of reggae, dancehall, dub, soca, as well as international underground dance, rap, and EDM music you need to be in touch with BOOMSHOTS.

For rates and further information contact