Original #JunglistMassive Nuttah Now Doin’ Reggae

“You never know Shy FX man big inna London”? If you know jungle you know Shy FX has his name all over that. The original rude boy was responsible for makin’ everyone dance like a nuttah in raves during the 90’s. Now he’s gonna come out with a straight-up reggae album! WTF?!  Reggae might not be what you expect to hear from the producer— who has worked with such UK artists as Dizzee Rascal & Plan B—but it’s always been in his roots. His granddad Count Shelly imported Jamaican reggae sounds to the UK during the ’60s & ’70s and owned a sound system back in the day. Judging by the first song off the album, it actually sounds like it’s gonna be quite good when it “Soon Come.” The track—featuring vocals by Liam Bailey—has a sooo very island sounds, sweet enough to make you feel nostalgic but cool enough to be blaring in your drop-top when summer hits. Video After The Jump….

Shy FX ft. Liam Bailey “Soon Come”
Peep the vintage video vibrations…

Shy FX “Original Nuttah”
“Bad boys inna London, rude boys inna England…”

Shy FX, the London DJ who brought us the insatiably catchy tune ‘Shake Ur Body’ (below), has a whole new album of material on the way, titled ‘Cornerstone’.

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