Estelle Nices Up Sean Paul’s Imperial Blaze Release Party in NYC

The biggest dancehall star on the planet celebrated the release of his fourth album Imperial Blaze last night with a sold-out show at the Highline Ballroom in New York City. While lightning flashed and thunder clapped outside, SP blazed the stage, taking the crowd for a ride from the old (“I’m Still In Love”) to the new (“Press It Up”). Just when things couldn’t get much hotter, UK bad gyal Estelle passed through to sweet up the place. Sean loved it so much he decided to Get Busy and give her a piece of the ol’ “Dutty” Wine.

Later that night @EstelleDarlings shouted out the Dutty Don via twitter: Brap to sean p who just shut down the highline ballroom! Album in stores today!!! Go download….imperial blaze!!!

Yes, the duet did nice. But wh did Estelle flee when SP gets to daggerin’ @3:13 // We now have an answer, via Twitter: “Because I’m a lady” Respect all Aspect Queen Majesty!

Hmm… Don’t think he tried those moves in the music video—let’s run it back just to make sure.