Monthly archive April, 2009

DVD PREVIEW: Dancehall Draft Picks 2009

Johnny Wonder is at it again, and judging by this preview, Volume Few (2) of the Dancehall Draft Picks DVD is gonna be extremely mad and sick. Was that Shabba Ranks at 1:44? Respect in all aspect.

VIDEO PREMIERE: Duane Howard “Your Stage”

D-Wayne is Brooklyn youth of Jamaican descent who sings like he might have had to croon his way out of a a sticky situation once or twice before. The sparkle in his eye is matched only by that sparkling voice. Plus Dude’s got game. Says he wants to go to the future only so he can reminisce. Read more »

Shootout At Luciano’s House

The beloved roots reggae singer Luciano, also known as the Messenger, is known for soaring anthems like “Sweep Over My Soul” and “It’s Me Again Jah.” But on certain songs his voice suggested an edge of something altogether rougher… Read more »