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Kranium Talks Ty Dolla $ign Collab, Major Label Deal, and Repping JA from NYC

Kranium Talks Ty Dolla $ign Collab, Major Label Deal, and Repping JA from NYC

Everybody Haffi Know Bout Kranium

The rising dancehall star responsible for the worldwide smash “Nobody Has To Know” chats with the Reggae Girl About Town shortly after his performance at the RBMA Yardcore show. They discuss his signing to major label Atlantic Records, his collab with L.A. rapper Ty Dolla $ign, what he learned from his uncle Screwdriver, and how he reps Jamaican music as a youth raised in NYC. Video After The Jump… Read more »


WATCH THIS: Popcaan “Unruly Prayer” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Popcaan "Unruly Prayer" Official Music Video

Papi Plugs Into A Higher Power & Counts His Blessings

Before Andrae Sutherland lays his head on the pillow at night, he has to give thanks. After all, when you consider the blessings that reach the Unruly Boss on a daily basis, it’s truly remarkable. He’s from a place where dog eat dog, and look at him now. “God make me bless inna real life,” Popcaan sings on his latest selection. “I’m protected by the Most High.” Over a few pensive chords courtesy of  UIM Productions, Papi counts his blessings like beads on a rosary string, before shouting out his thugs who pass and gone, all who inna jailhouse, and then runs down a lengthy roll call of his family, friends, and loved ones—from Squid and Squiddel to Jamie, Creep and Chi Ching Ching. He even shouts out the OVO crew, from Drizzy Drake down to Oliver. No matter how much links you have all over, Father God run bout yah for real.  “Tell the Devil keep him distance.” Video After The Jump… Read more »


HEAR THIS: Beres Hammond “Jamaica International Dance”

HEAR THIS: Beres Hammond "Jamaica International Dance"

The Real Reggae Maestro Is Back

Fresh selection from the fothatrthcoming Beres Hammond album on V.P. Records, and ain’t it good to know Jamaica’s #1 soul man hasn’t lost a drop of his infectious charm! Guess you really can’t stop a man—any more than you can stop Jamaica’s irresistible power to attract the whole world with musical magic. You’ve got to respect this brother, just like the bass man respect the drummer. “Keep the vibe flowing YES, keep the energy pumping YES.” What more can we say but let the music play? Audio After The Jump… Read more »


Jah Cure Reveals “The Cure” Album Cover Art

Jah Cure Reveals "The Cure" Album Cover Art

First Album for VP Records Set For July 10, 2015 Release

Ever since last June, when we first heard his certified Boomshot “Life We Live” the Boomshots massive has been looking forward Jah Cure’s sixth studio album The Cure. Then in February came news that the singer had signed with V.P. Records. Today we finally got a first look at the criss album art, a track listing, and best of all, a release date. Less than two months from now, the waiting will be over. Tracklist After The Jump… Read more »


Randy Valentine Is “Still Pushing”

Randy Valentine Is "Still Pushing"

The UK Singer Won’t Let You Pass Him By

“We still a push, we still a try,” Randy Valentine wails on the title track to his EP Still Pushing. “The gideon train is coming and mi cyan let it pass mi by/And when my well is running dry I don’t sit down and cry/We still a push, Almighty know we have to fly.” This is a pretty apt definition of the inspiration behind RV’s latest compilation of tracks—steadfast tenacity in trying times and the upliftment of people who strive toward better days. The EP’s first single “Wake The Town” has been in heavy rotation across the world, yielding various chart positions. Video & Interview After The Jump… Read more »


HEAR THIS: Stephen “Ragga” Marley ft. Bounty Killer & Mad Cobra “Ghetto Boy”

HEAR THIS: Stephen "Ragga" Marley ft. Bounty Killer & Mad Cobra "Ghetto Boy"

Ragga links the Warlord & Helta Skelta on this Musical Boomshot 

Twanging guitars straight out of a Wild West cowboy movie open the latest track from musical mastermind Stephen “Ragga” Marley, which soon transforms into a hard-hitting dancehall cut featuring Ragga, Killer, and Mad Cobra kicking lyrical ballistics. “I think we need to open up the conversation more,” Stephen Marley explained in a recent Esquire interview. “Why is gun violence happening on a global scale? When, where, and what age does it start? We see the U.S. media addressing it now to a certain degree, but this is happening all over the world, with or without the cameras rolling. We need to get to the root of the problem, starting from the top down to break the cycle.” Revelation Part 2: The Fruit of Life coming soon!  Audio After The Jump… Read more »


Special Request: Garnet Silk “Mama Africa” Live

Special Request: Garnet Silk "Mama Africa" Live

The Reggae ArchAngel’s First Number One

Garnet Silk was just 26 years old when he died in a tragic accident in December 1994—dashing into a burning building to save his mother. At that young age he had established himself as reggae’s leading roots and culture singer. Hard at work on a new album for the U.S. based label Big Beat/ Atlantic, Garnet was perfectly poised to carry on the work of such legendary figures as Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. Hard to believe the rail-thin Rasta youth with the majestic voice had started his path in the music business as a DJ named Bimbo, but Garnet soon linked with Tony Rebel (seen above with Garnet in this classic Brian Jahn photograph) and found his true calling: singing cultural reggae music in an era when dancehall had become the dominant musical force on the island.  Garnet’s first number one song, topping the charts in Jamaica and the UK, was a tune called “Hello Mama Africa.” Recorded for Richard Bell’s Star Trail label, this rousing tribute to the motherland was an utterly original tune, yet reminiscent of the similarly titled Peter Tosh album. Video After The Jump… Read more »


Lenny Kravitz on Bob Marley: “He Was Hardcore With His Love”

Lenny Kravitz on Bob Marley: "He Was Hardcore With His Love"

The Last Living Rock Star Remembers The King of Reggae—And Reveals Why He Cut His Locks

Kids nowadays probably know Lenny Kravitz as that dude in The Hunger Games flicks, but the fact is that he’s one of the last great rock stars walking the planet. When he first came out, shredding his Les Paul and flashing his dreadlocks, haters used to call him a Bob Marley wannabe. But the fact is Lenny had more in common with the Tuff Gong than a hairstyle. The offspring of a black mom and a Jewish dad, he grew up between a Caribbean island (Bahamas, not Jamaica) and the U.S. Although Bob spent less time in Delaware than Lenny did in NYC, the island vibe is a party of his musical identity. Kravitz will rock Webster Hall tonight as part of his Strut tour, so this seemed as good time a time as any to hold a likkle reasoning. Interview After The Jump… Read more »


WATCH THIS: Behind the Scenes at Konshens “Physically Fit” Video Shoot

WATCH THIS: Behind the Scenes at Konshens "Physically Fit" Video Shoot

Da Realest DJ Gets Physical

When Konshens and Rvssian connect, the girls buss a sweat. Such was the case when Da Realest DJ shot the Konshens “Physically Fit” OMV for his Rvssian-produced banger “Physically Fit,” off his forthcoming album The Hotel Room. But you already know how it goes on these sexy music video shoots: half the story has never been told. That’s why Boomshots had to link Destine Media for an exclusive behind-the-scenes sneak peek. Video After The Jump… Read more »


Real Talk with Etana: “No Wrong Deed Goes Unpunished”

Real Talk with Etana: "No Wrong Deed Goes Unpunished"

The Strong One Meets The Reggae Girl About Town

Straight out of August Town, Jamaica to the four corners of the earth, Etana has established her name as one of the most powerful voices in reggae music. Fresh off a successful European tour in support of her fourth album, I Rise, she will headline tonight’s International Women of Reggae showcase at Brooklyn College, presented by our bonafide  bredren sistren at the Coalition to Preserve Reggae Music. While you cop your tickets, check out perhaps the realest interview she’s ever given. No topic is off limits in this exclusive reasoning with Reshma B, from love to loss to domestic violence, infidelity and mental illness—and exactly how it feels to stand up as a strong women in the music business. Video After The Jump… Read more »


Shaggy Shows Off On Fallon

Shaggy Shows Off On Fallon

Mr. Boombastic Is Still Fantastic

Shaggy made an appearance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon the other night. The appearance was good for a couple of laughs and also promoted his latest smash single, “I Need Your Love,” featuring Mohombi, Faydee, and Costi. (Did you ever notice that Shaggy is always making hits with artists you never heard of?) In a well-over-twenty-year mainstream career, Shaggy still finds himself basking in a very positive limelight, and that makes me happy. People can say what they want about who is badder than who but Shaggy remains the hero that dancehall never really knew it needed—and the one dancehall culture ultimately deserves. In an era where too many of our musical heroes have been remixed into villains, Shaggy is still here to prove that Jamaica has  maintained her joy. So what if he’s clashing Higgins instead of Ninjaman? (And don’t sleep on Hig’s skillz by the way) The man’s got a sense of humor. And it’s always a good look to see Jamaica shine. Respect Mr. Boombastic. Video After The Jump… Read more »


Shabba Ranks to Headline Best of the Best 2015

Shabba Ranks to Headline Best of the Best 2015

Miami Welcomes The Big Dutty Stinkin’ Dancehall Emperor

There are few entertainers in any genre who can match the raw energy of Shabba Ranks live on stage. But when A$AP Ferg shouted out Shabba a couple of years ago many younger fans had never seen the dancehall legend do his thing live. This Memorial Day weekend May 24 in Miami, everyone will get the chance to witness the Dancehall Emperor ripping up Best of the Best alongside the likes of Capleton, Beenie Man, and Lady Saw. Shabba’s prediction: “Underpants wet, sweat man come fi sweat, money get!” Video After The Jump… Read more »

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