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WATCH THIS: Popcaan “Love Yuh Bad” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Popcaan "Love Yuh Bad" Official Music Video

The Hotskull Finds An Empress To Cool Him Down

The latest visual offa Poppi’s Where We Come From album is all about the love between one man and one woman. “Love Yuh Bad” (produced by Dre Skull) was the first track leaked off Popcaan’s debut album on Mixpak Records, and the accompanying video finds Hotskull and his queen in the rain forests of St. Thomas where the natural vibes flow (inna back-to-nature Adam and Eve style). This video should really be picked up by the Jamaica Tourist Board because after you watch it you will want to book two tickets to paradise like Eddie Money. Watching Popaan and his lady boiling bananas, burning spliffs, and playing in the river serves as a timely reminder that you don’t have to have a big fat roasted turkey in the oven to give thanks. Video After The Jump… Read more »


WATCH THIS: Busy Signal “Money Flow” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Busy Signal "Money Flow" Official Music Video

All The Turf President Wants for Christmas Is a Bag of Money

You already know about Busy Signal’s versatility. He can sing you a country & western classic, chat pon a Major Laxer production, blaze up a cutting-edge dancehall riddim, or ease into roots rock reggae music. In his latest release “Money Flow” Busy takes it back to classic rub-a-dub dancehall style, riding the “Wah Do Dem” riddim made famous by Eek a Mouse and brandishes the “Ribbi Dibbi” flow made famous by Super Cat over Half Pint’s “Greetings” riddim. What better way to make preparations for the Yuletide season than by stacking paper? Run that… Video After The Jump… Read more »


Chris Blackwell Speaks on “Countryman”

Chris Blackwell Speaks on "Countryman"

Island Records Founder Reflects on a Friend Who Had Nothing And Still Had Everything

Most reggae fans know the Reggae Cult Classic film Countryman, but it’s less well known that the star of the film is real person. The 1982 film, which will be streamed online next Friday night, December 5th—following an exclusive BoomshotsTV chat with one of the original cast members, veteran Jamaican actor Carl Bradshaw—was directed by Dickie Jobson, and stars a Rastafarian Indian Tamil fisherman who lived in the seaside community of Hellshire outside Kingston, Jamaica. Island Records founder Chris Blackwell, who backed the film project, reflects on the man he knew, a real Rastaman who truly undersood the meaning of the term Thanksgiving, and embodied it in his simple life and his every word and deed. Video After The Jump… Read more »


HEAR THIS: Strictly the Best Vol. 50 The Mixtape

HEAR THIS: Strictly the Best Vol. 50 The Mixtape

Rico Vibes of Natural Vibes and Da Flava Radio Pon The Megamix

Over the past 35 years, VP Records has established themslves as the dominant distributor of Jamaican music, and the 50th and 51st installments of their Strictly the Best compilation series drops today. As per usual, the first volume focuses more on roots and lovers rock singers while the second dives direct into the dancehall. And because this year marks a landmark anniversary for VP—or simply to tickle the fancy of the “Don’t make em like they used to” posse—each volume of the anthology includes a second disc jam-packed with classic selections culled from earlier STB editions. Today we present a megamix of Volume 50 cuts curated by selector Rico Vibes. From Half Pint‘s Greetings and Luciano‘s “Sweep Over My Soul” straight back to Etana‘s “Trigger” and Jah Cure‘s “Life We Live,” this one is total niceness. No matter how cold it is where you are right now, press play and prepare yourself for a virtual vacation to Jamaica’s sunny shores. Audio After The Jump… Read more »


Lee “Scratch” Perry Wants You To Stop Smoking Ganja

Lee "Scratch" Perry Wants You To Stop Smoking Ganja

The Reggae Pioneer Tells The Fader About New Music, Old Studios, and Negative Influence

Lee “Scratch” Perry, who crafted sounds for Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and countless others while releasing genre-formative albums of his own, is relaxing in a grand old English guest house in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. He has just gotten through performing at the Lakefest Music Festival and is wearing a full red suit covered with dollar, pound, and Euro signs written in Magic Marker; his baseball cap is adorned with metallic badges, a large circular mirror, and a pinecone-shaped chunk of crystal perched on the brim. When he speaks, his words, like his clothes and his tunes, are freewheeling, arcane, and ceaseless. From a small settee, he holds forth on a wide range of subjects, including his new signee, Iguana, his return-to-form new album Back on the Controls, which he recorded in a replica of his legendary Black Ark recording studio, and why he feels guilty about the marijuana culture his art helped to spread to the masses. Video After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Kabaka Pyramid “The Lyricist” Mixtape PREMIERE

HEAR THIS: Kabaka Pyramid "The Lyricist" Mixtape PREMIERE

Word, Sound and Power—Plus It’s Accurate

Whenever Kabaka Pyramid grips the mic, the first word heard tends to be “accurate.” Known for dropping immaculately crafted rhymes addressing topics with real relevance to real people living real lives, Kabaka has distinguished himself as a powerful voice for the voiceless. Much like his namesake, the lyrical architect crafts his music creations to stand the test of time. “Me’s a man, my music different,” he says on the intro to his debut mixtape, aptly titled The Lyricist, which we proudly premiere today. “I have extra appreciation, cause my music is not party music. Is serious things I and I ah talk ’bout.” And not only does he make music, he can articulate his points of view in an interview or defend them with passion in a debate.

Mixed by Livity Movements sound and produced in association with Destine Media and the Parris Agency, this 24-track compilation brings together the lion’s share of the work that has earned the young DJ recognition as a integral part of the so-called “Roots Revival” currently unfolding within Jamaican music. From the political insights of “No Capitalist” to the furious flows on “Choppingz” featuring Massicka to the sheer firepower of “Selassie Souljahz” featuring Sizzla, Chronixx, and Protoje, Kabaka’s densely wrought rhymes always shine through, charting a path toward the future of reggae music. Audio & Video After The Jump… Read more »


HEAR THIS: Kabaka Pyramid ft. Chronixx “Ghetto Blues” PREMIERE

HEAR THIS: Kabaka Pyramid ft. Chronixx "Ghetto Blues" PREMIERE

Let Them Sing A Sweet Song For You

Livity Movements titled their new Kabaka mixtape “The Lyricist” for a reason. His rapid-fire flow is jam-packed with gems of wisdom, knowledge, and over standing on this crucial compilation, spearheaded by the Parris Agency and Destine Media. Here he joins forces with long-time sparring partner Chronixx on an exclusive track from “The Lyricist,” which drops next week. The song is called “Ghetto Blues” and Kabaka really blacks out on this one. As the roots revival continues. Audio After The Jump… Read more »


WATCH THIS: Ini Kamoze “Hill & Gully Ride (Remix)” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Ini Kamoze "Hill & Gully Ride (Remix)" Official Music Video

The Lyrical Gangster Rides Again

You don’t have to be a reggae fanatic to know Ini Kamoze’s voice. He’s the one who sings the hook—”Out in the streets they call it murder“—on Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley’s 2005 banger “Welcome To Jamrock.” And back in 1994, the “lyrical gangster” was responsible for the worldwide smash hit “Here Comes The Hot Stepper,” which reached the No. 1 spot in the U.S. when remixed by Salaam Remi for the Pret A Porter soundtrack. Kamoze first recorded a different version of “Hot Stepper” for the late great Jamaican producer Fatis Burrell, founder of the legendary Xterminator label. Fatis’ son Kareem Burrell of XTM Nation remixed another Kamoze classic, “Hill & Gully Ride,” first released 30 years ago. (The track will be included on the forthcoming remix album Living Heart vol. 2.) Today we premiere the animated video, directed by Juppi Juppsen. Watch the ride—and hold on good. Video After The Jump… Read more »


HEAR THIS: Alkaline “Anywhere We Go” & “In This World”

HEAR THIS: Alkaline "Anywhere We Go" & "In This World"

Plug Into Both Sides Of The Alkaline Battery

An Alkaline battery has two sides, one positive and one negative. The same goes for the controversial dancehall star of the same name. When I sat down to chat with him last December at 21st Hapilos headquarters in Kingston, Jamaica, he was already emerging as one of the most powerful new voices in Jamaican music—and all this past year he’s continued to charge up his ever-growing fan base with an unpredictable I-care-zero approach to making music. Two fresh selections—one produced by DJ Frass, one by ZJ Chrome—highlight both sides of this polarizing young artist. On “In This World” he touches on the realities of life and sufferation and on “Anywhere We Go” he disses Bounty Killer and Foota Hype. Hate it or love it, you cannot deny Alkaline’s talent nor his ability to electrify the streets of Kingston. Audio After The Jump…
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WATCH THIS: Black-Am-I “In The Ghetto” Live Pon The WTJ Cruise

WATCH THIS: Black-Am-I "In The Ghetto" Live Pon The WTJ Cruise

I and I Tour Currently Cruising Through The United States

When the Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise set sail last month, the first artist to touch the main deck stage was none other than Black-Am-I. The culturally inclined singjay rocked the big boat, closing out an energetic set with his latest song “In The Ghetto,” a track taken from the forthcoming Set Up Shop Vol. 2 compilation, due out later this year. Black-Am-I, who hails from Nine Mile, the birthplace of Bob Marley, is currently on tour of the U.S. with I-Wayne. Watch for them coming to a town near you. Video After The Jump… Read more »


WATCH THIS: Black Lion & The Wizard ft. Kat Dahlia, Nyanda & Kemist “Mash It Up” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Black Lion & The Wizard ft. Kat Dahlia, Nyanda & Kemist "Mash It Up" Official Music Video

What could be more fun than rolling through Kingston street dances with Kat Dahlia, Nyanda (of Brick & Lace), and The Wizard? How about adding Black Lion and Kemist to the mix—and shooting a music video for their posse cut “Mash It Up” while you’re at it? Like the song says, “they do what they do and and don’t give a fvck! The crew look like they are having a blast as pass the mic and rave all night till morning light. You can barely tell that this was Kat’s first trip to Jamaica. The genre-bending singer/songwriter signed to Epic Records looks right at home shocking out on a sound system. Whether MIA or JA, she already warned you: “we coming to your city and we mash it up.” Video After The Jump… Read more »


WATCH THIS: Timberlee “Shmurda Freestyle” Video

WATCH THIS: Timberlee "Shmurda Freestyle" Video

The Man Dem Say She Body Well Shampoo Squeaky

Remember Timberlee, the dancehall chica who made you “Bubble Like Soup” in a pot? She’s the latest to jump on the beat to Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot Nigga” with a fiery freestyle. Although the dancehall artist confirms that she’s “definitely not changing my musical style,” she does want to serve notice that “you can expect anything and everything from Timberlee.” She even made a guerilla-style video of the hip-hop freestyle, complete with a closing monologue from some dude at the end rambling ’bout “butter bean and dem ting deh.” See me? Not really. But the tune bad still. Keep an eye out for the Jamaican dancehall damsel supporting her new “Beat It” mixtape with shows in NYC, Florida, and the Virgin Islands. There’s also a “mini South American tour” planned for January because move haffi mek. Go get that shmoney gyal. Video After The Jump… Read more »