WATCH THIS: Jojo Abot “To Li” Offical Music Video

WATCH THIS: Jojo Abot "To Li" Offical Music Video

Reasoning With Ghana’s Next To Bust

As the new year begins, so does the quest for which new artist will make an impact on the scene. One of those artist could be ghanaian singer/songwriter Jojo Abot who seamlessly blends electronica, indie-soul, reggae, house, and acoustic instrumentation on top of vocals sung in either English or Ewe, a language spoken in southern Ghana. Abot spends her time between three different locations, her native Ghana, Copenhagen, and New York City. The first part of 2017 already saw her performing at Global Fest on Jan.8th at Webster Hall in NYC, three days later at the JFK Center for the Performing Arts, and the MLH (Ms. Lauryn Hill) Caravan at Radio City Music Hall on Feb. 25th. For the latter performance, Abot will be opening for Ms. Lauryn Hill along with Little Simz, and Kehlani. Video And Interview After The Jump… Read more »

Flex Masters: A Guide To Brooklyn’s Own Dancehall Hybrid Scene

Flex Masters: A Guide To Brooklyn's Own Dancehall Hybrid Scene

Who’s Building The Best FDM Riddims Right Now

It’s been over a decade in the making, but Brooklyn’s homegrown style of dance music is beginning to make waves outside of battle circles. Called FDM (short for flex dance music), the sound is a critical component of the flex dance culture that it grew up alongside. While the dancers were refining their styles into a distinct set of movements, producers were doing the same, creating their own sound fashioned out of a wealth of dancehall riddims and sound effects that would provide the soundtrack for major dance competitions. I went deep into the scene over at Pitchfork, so please go read that when you have time. Meanwhile here’s a quick guide to the producers (many of whom are also dancers) responsible for making the sound what it is today. This weekend, Boiler Room will feature its first flex dancer and FDM producer—a sure sign that big tings ah gwan—although they’re keeping the details a secret for now. They’ve also got more plans in the works for FDM later this summer, so this is just a starting point. We figured this would be a good time to provide some basic info about the scene before everything starts to blow up. Audio & Info After The Jump…
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HEAR THIS: ÌFÉ “House of Love” (Ogbe Yekun) PREMIERE

HEAR THIS: ÌFÉ "House of Love" (Ogbe Yekun) PREMIERE

These Puerto Rican Sounds Are NOT Reggaeton

ÌFÉ is the Yoruban word for “Love” as well as “Expansion.” It’s also the name of a new group based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, whose music fuses Afro-Caribbean folk sounds like Yoruba and Rumba with electronica and dancehall. The group was the brainchild of Otura Mun aka Mark Underwood, an African-American artist who’s been living in Puerto Rico for over a decade, producing projects like Cultura Profetica and the stunning Calma Carmona. With a chill sound that blends Cuban Rumba with the digital sounds of Jamaican dancehall, ÌFÉ creates a musical space and expression all its own. Their second single, “House of Love,” was recorded live using improvised electronic instruments. “At times tender, at other moments seductive and flirtatious, the song is an invitation / an offering to those forces that walk among us and a reminder that life is nothing if not a constant act of giving to receive,” says Otura Mun. Let’s get to it. Audio After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Ricky Blaze “Mighty”

HEAR THIS: Ricky Blaze "Mighty"

FME Capo On Some Next Flex—Again. Try & Keep Up!

Sparking his spliff at the top of his latest track, Rick Bleezy re-introduces himself: “My name is Ricky Blaze—baddest bumbaclaat producer.” Not that he requires any intro. You already know this is the man responsible for dancehall bangers like Ding Dong’s “Badman Forward” and Gyptian’s “Hold Yuh,” the first reggae/dancehall cut to be certified gold since Jr. Gong’s “Welcome to Jamrock.” This is the guy who sang “Just You & I” on the same riddim, the youth who gave us “I Feel Free.” Restlessly innovating as he pushes the music forward, his new tune “Mighty” finds Blaze dropping gems: “Don’t confuse it, caw me fuse it… If you have a privilege don’t abuse it / Timing is everything, use it.” The sound is dark, dreamy, brooding—oh, and the whole thing ends with an ill guitar solo. R U ready? Let’s go.  Audio After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Major Lazer Feat. Sean Paul “Come On To Me” (Official Music Video)

WATCH THIS: Major Lazer Feat. Sean Paul "Come On To Me" (Official Music Video)

Bomb Bomb Diggity Gyul Come Bring It To Me

When it comes to a Major Lazer one thing is for sure its going to be full of energy, and like their videos before, a little weird. For the third single of their “Apocalypse Soon” EP Lazer links up with none other than mister dutty himself Sean Paul and are aided but a dance crew of Kubuki dancers? Yes you read that right, but If you’ve been a fan of the Major that wouldn’t come as much as a surprise. Just come on to me and check the Video After The Jump…

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HEAR THIS: Elliphant ft. Bunji Garlin & Diplo “All Or Nothing”

HEAR THIS: Elliphant ft. Bunji Garlin & Diplo "All Or Nothing"

Vikings Roll Like Elephant

Bunji Garlin continues to make good on his promise of spreading soca music worldwide by linking up with Swedish pop artist Elliphant on her stand out track “All Or Nothing.” It’s hard to deny the M.I.A comparisons, but Elliphant definitely holds her own, and it never hurts to have Bunji adding lyrical support to take the track to another level. Tune After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Jillionaire & Salvatore Ganacci Feat. Sanjin “Fresh” Official Music Video

WATCH THIS: Jillionaire & Salvatore Ganacci Feat. Sanjin "Fresh" Official Music Video

Fresh An Ting

Never standing still Jillionaire links with Stockholm’s own Salvatore Ganacci and Sanjin. The trio combine to create a fresh tune appropriately titled “Fresh.” Shot in NYC in conjunction with Karmaloop TV in the middle of winter (yes that’s real snow),  Jilly and crew take on the elements the best way they know how, fresh music, fresh gear and of course fresh women with dance moves to match. Everything fresh! Video After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Vapenstien Presents: Space Camp Mixed By Bobby Dubs

HEAR THIS: Vapenstien Presents: Space Camp Mixed By Bobby Dubs

Blast Off!

I know what you’re thinking, yes 4/20 passed, but that doesn’t make this mix any less good. Trinidadian born Bobby Dubs pulls together an eclectic mix all of your favorite “get high” songs. Dancehall, Reggae, Rap and even some EDM are all present for your listening pleasure. Listen and download After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Major Lazer Feat. Pharrell “Aerosol Can” (Official Music Video)

WATCH THIS: Major Lazer Feat. Pharrell "Aerosol Can" (Official Music Video)

We Behaving Bad

For their latest visual Major Lazer opted to take a simpler route (sorry no ass shaking this time), but what they did do is link up with artist Mike Giant to put his own spin on the “lyric” video. Giant illustrates each lyric word for word as fast as Pharrell spits it. Definitely one of the more original video we’ve seen in a while, Check It Out After The Jump… Read more »

WATCH THIS: Walshy Fire & DJ Power “Sky Rocket” (Video Snippet)

WATCH THIS: Walshy Fire & DJ Power "Sky Rocket" (Video Snippet)

Launch The Rocket!

Late last year Walshy Fire linked up with DJ Power to produce and addictive trap tune paying homage to everyone’s favorite herb entitled “Sky Rocket.” Today we’re given a short look at the upcoming video filmed live at one of Walshy’s and Power’s club. Check out the Video and be sure sure to download the track  After The Jump… Read more »

HEAR THIS: Feel Up Radio Vol. 2 – Chicken & Beer

HEAR THIS: Feel Up Radio Vol. 2 - Chicken & Beer

Jillionaire And Feel Up Records Get Us Ready For Miami 

South Beach is set to host the 2014 Miami Music Week, Winter Music Conference, and ULTRA Music Festival later this month, loads of artist and industry professionals will be setting foot on Magic City. Not to be left out Jillionaire and his newly minted Feel Up Records in conjunction with Dream Live and  Alienware are set to host a crazy party entitled Chicken & Beer with some surprise guests you really shouldn’t miss. Rather than put out a regular ol’ flyer, Jillionaire hooked us up with this dope mix filled with all your Caribbean favorites. Listen After The Jump… Read more »

Bunji Garlin’s “Differentology” Major Lazer Remix Free On iTunes

Bunji Garlin's "Differentology" Major Lazer Remix Free On iTunes

One Of The Biggest Remixes Of Last Year Can Be Yours For Free

Yes, you read that correctly, Bunji Garlin’s “Differentology” (Major Lazer Remix) is free right now on iTunes, but there is a catch. The remix will only be available for one week, so you better get moving. Link After The Jump… Read more »